No cook vanilla ice cream

No cook vanilla ice cream


230 ml full fat milk
150 g sugar – I use golden Caster
450 ml double cream
1 teaspoon good quality of vanilla extract / paste.

Pour a cup of the milk and the sugar to a bowl and whisk until the sugar is completely dissolved and then add cream and vanilla. I use an electric mixer to add some thickness to the mixture and then gently stir in the milk.  Refrigerate for a minimum of 3 hours or preferably over night during which time the mixture will ‘sigh’ back into itself.

Whisk the mixture thoroughly, by hand or machine before pouring and processing in an ice cream machine according to the manufacturers instructions.
Serve straightaway or store in an appropriate freezer proof, air tight container.

This base mix is a great, simple basic ice cream and is shown here with a Steamed Ginger Pudding,  the recipe for the Pud will follow asap.

Enjoy! x

61 thoughts on “No cook vanilla ice cream

  1. I soooooo have to dig out my ice cream maker, this looks fantastic! Will definitely be trying this and the steamed ginger pudding looks gorgeous too…….can’t wait!
    Steph 😃💋

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  5. This would be very very good with Microwave mug brownie, I think. If only I had an ice-cream maker… I think I’ll have to look up how to make it without one, as lots of shop ice-cream has gluten in, but now I want ICE CREAM! (I’m coeliac so have to read labels carefully). Love the range of sorbets too – I’ve got some blackberry and apple puree in the fridge that might be rather good sorbetised.

  6. My favorite ice cream recipe is a no-cook vanilla. This recipe is very similar. I cut the fat a little by substituting skim milk with the cream. If you have seen all the baked goods I make you’d understand why I have to do that – lol!

  7. I just found a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker at Goodwill for $12 and it is red, my favorite color. This sounds like the perfect ice cream to try in it. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for stopping by to visit Mammy2Grammy. ❤ Kim

  8. Such a simple recipe! Wish i had an ice cream maker…..Can you share an ice cream recipe which can be enjoyed without the machine? I’ve tried banana and avocado based ones, but you can’t make vanilla that way 😦

  9. Nice simple recipe,which I’m sure tastes great. Actually the thing that impressed me more was the picture, nice job on that! Need to spent some more time polishing up my food photography skills myself.

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  11. Look forward to the pud recipe as my wife adores ginger pudding. Haven’t gotten it just right yet but that may be the gluten free flour mix I’m using

    And then ask for the like


    • Place your mixture in a suitable container and freeze. Periodically perform the scratch and scrape technique on the setting ice cream. Alternatively set in ice-cube bags/trays and whizz in a food processor once frozen to aerate thusly making a gelato–esque style rather than a dense decadent ice cream. Enjoy! xx

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  19. Just finished printing out! Finally a super easy ice cream recipe with no machine required! I will be adding strawberries to the mix! Thank you so much for liking my blog. Butternut Squash Recipes Part II. Your recipe would be perfect on top of my dessert. Two blog recipes made in heaven. Thanks again!

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