Blueberry Pain Perdu

Blueberry Pain Perdu

Blue berries that are both sharp and sweet compliment this simple Pain Perdu, french toast or indeed eggy bread.
Use brioche for the bread, fresh organic eggs, a dash of good vanilla essence and and use whole milk for your mixture, if possible,  stir through a tablespoon or so of Orange Liqueur just before dipping the bread into the custard mix.

Fry in a small amount of proper butter until lightly burnished and crisp to the outside and pillowy, soft, custardy brioche within. Serve with a drizzle of a simple syrup of agave and lime juice, lightly dust with icing / confectioners sugar and let the delicate layers of flavour wow late risers, stay-over or brunch guests or just for that diva duvet day.

Enjoy  x

4 thoughts on “Blueberry Pain Perdu

  1. It’s those extra touches that make your recipes turn out so deliciously. Like Orange liqueur, agave and lime juice syrup… Good one! LizXX

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