Chilli,orange and vanilla sugar


Hands up all those who said – do wahht? – for why?

Make this one of your top secret ingredients, as it will super charge tired, addling, idling old recipes that are dwelling in recesses of a food coma giving them a new ‘ zest’ for life.

It’s so simple to put together, 3 cups of sugar,  1 teaspoon of dried chilli flakes or fresh chopped (and left out on the counter over night to dry a little) and the zest of 2-3 oranges.

Placed into an air tight jar with pre used vanilla pods or whizzed together in a processor. After a few days, the oils and fragrance will, by osmosis, create a fabulous sugar which can be used in both sweet and savory dishes.

Sprinkle onto chocolate ice cream or  even crepe Suzette for an unforgettable  flourish

Dip rims of  cocktail or sundae glasses into water, orange juice of egg white and them coat the edge with the sugar = wow!

Add a teaspoon to butter icing, cake mixes, or upgrade your brownies by mixing grated dark chocolate and add some of the sugar.

Mix with orange juice and lightly heat to make a drizzle for pancakes, sponges or a dress cup cakes.

Combine with salt crystals and cumin as a rub for crisp, sticky caramel pork crackling!


Place 1 cup of the sugar mix in a non stick shallow pan, heat slowly ( swirl a little if necessary but do not stir ) to make a dry caramel.

Once a golden caramel, pour carefully into a non stick baking sheet.

It will set quickly and can then be broken into shards and the uses are yum, yum ad infinitum.

Enjoy! x

5 thoughts on “Chilli,orange and vanilla sugar

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