Ginger, vanilla seed and coconut ice cream

Choux pastry swans ©

Ginger, vanilla seed and coconut ice cream

Irresistible choux swans filled with Chantilly cream with lily pads of Ginger, Vanilla seed and Coconut  Ice Cream

are on the menu. As delicate as they are sweet.

Finely dice the ginger from a jar of preserved ginger and add, with the syrup to a bowl.

Open a can of coconut milk, full or half fat to suit and add to the diced ginger and syrup.

Add 2 tablespoons of fresh ginger syrup, if you have.

Remove the seeds from one vanilla pod and stir the seeds into the mix. (Store the remaining pod in a jar of sugar)

Add a little pinch of salt and a decent slug of white Caribbean rum if you have some.

Chill the mixture and then process in an ice cream maker.

Ginger ice cream barquette and choux swans ©©

Tip:  Try adding 2 tablespoons of desiccated coconut before processing and then rolling balls of the frozen ice cream in desiccated coconut to make ‘Caribbean Snow Balls’!

Enjoy! x

26 thoughts on “Ginger, vanilla seed and coconut ice cream

  1. My mom hosts a Christmas tea every year at her house, and one year she made cream swans just like this. I always thought it was such a fun way to present a classic dessert.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I now get to see yours. YUM. ICE CREAM IS MY FAVOURITE FOOD, besides oysters (but not together). The Queen of England owns all the swans, I believe, and if she saw this I’m sure she would be making moves to repossess them. I would if I were the Queen.

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