Fresh ginger syrup

Fresh Ginger Syrup

1 cup of white caster sugar

a thumbs length of fresh ginger cut in to Julienne strips.

Place in a kilner, mason or sterilised jar, leave over night (I just leave the jar on the work top in my kitchen), to react and melt.

Then store in the fridge.

I use this in many recipes as it gives a warm depth of background flavour in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Drizzled over chocolate ice cream, or use in cocktails – yum!

For summer
Mix  a couple of table spoons of ginger syrup, with a teaspoon of vanilla sugar, add, whisky shake or stir and pour over ice. An ideal use for the odd ball bottle of dark spirit that you were gifted or won in a raffle.
For winter
1 part Vanilla honey, 2 parts ginger syrup,  3 parts whisky , stir and lightly muddle with a spring of fresh rosemary to infuse the ginger syrup, honey with the whisky, Give in a tagged, dressed attractive bottle this makes a fabulous festive gift.
This is a cure for a long cold wintry day.


Ginger syrup and Frozen Chilli Ginger sorbet
1 cup fresh ginger, sliced
3/4 cup golden / cane sugar, or to taste
1 whole lemon, juice and zest
2 cups water

Thinly slice the ginger and place in a pan. Add the sugar, lemon juice and water and slowly bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer, and cook for a minimum of half hour to an hour to reduce by half. Remove the pan from heat, to cool. Strain the liquid/ now a syrup and refrigerate.

Ginger Chilli Sorbet

Blitz the ginger in a food processor with two red chillies, seeds in or out to suit your taste.

Freeze in ice-cube trays.

Place a Ginger Chilli cube into a glass, then add ginger ale or cranberry juice for a grown up drink or freeze with 4-6 cups of cranberry juice in your ice cream machine to make a fabulous pre dessert or sorbet.

Enjoy! x

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