White Rum and Golden Raisin Ice Cream. A rum affair and the Anniversary Schmaltz with you…


White rum and golden raisin ice cream. A rum old affair

rum and raisin 4 © www.ice-cream-magazine.com..  rum and raisin © www.ice-cream-magazine.com.

Whats under your desk?

“My parents reside under my desk, next to a posh, black patent, framed hand bag, a cat adoption box and a woofer.” Stunned silence. “Your parents?” “Yes, they were very together in life, they rarely went anywhere without me so they are snuggled under my desk, still close without a hugely macabre scenario. The adoption box is on top of them, (he used to like sitting on their laps) and the woofer belongs to a wicked sound system. Discuss?”

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“You’re quite mad!”

“I don’t keep my all briefs under my desk! That’s mad!” Chortle, chortle. “My Father has been there for a decade and Mum joined him, it’s not as if I keep a shrine or take them out for dinner, once a week?” We are all going to be a tree, I collected some acorns from a magnificent oak tree in a hotel car park, planted them and they are all growing. All part of the being together thing, but I’m in no rush!”

Oh, err, that’s very heartfelt. (We are talking ashes you understand)

“What’s with the hand bag?”

“Weren’t you ever told that you never, ever, ever go into a Ladies handbag? Tut tut tsk tsk very bad form!”

Guffaws of laughter “Thats a bit extreme isn’t it?”

“No, its respect, doesn’t need over thinking. It is what it is, they are where they are. It’s a token muse, a childish whim that I can still tuck her up for a fiver if necessary, (though the notes are out of date). Similar to nicking a chip from someones plate, why do they taste better?”

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This all stemmed from a chat with a legal chap who was sinking under brain burning disorganisation and down trodden by a relationship, he bayed for the blood of any articled clerk should a single file be touched. So through a bit of banter; as in life, sometimes you give a little…

“I threw my Grandmothers ashes out of the car window on the M25’ he said in his deep brown velvet voice and masterful tone.

Ahh a source to a path into the problem, me thinks? “ Overbearing Grandmother syndrome?” I churlishly ask.

“No MSP (Munchausen-Syndrome by Proxy) she tried to poison me by putting stuff into my rum and raisin ice cream when I was a kid”.

“Into your ice cream!” said I in a much lifted tone (more a high pitch squeak). Well, it was gloves off after that. “Good for you!” and with that there was a break-though. Somethings in life are sacrosanct and that includes the sanctuary of ice cream.


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Seems the contemporaneous old bat had more layers than a Russian doll and spent the rest of her mortal coil in Clink. Plagued with issues he took Law and has an incredible career. Like a Proustian Madeline connection of place and time, ice cream started and has subsequently ended his trauma. No longer crushed by an overbearing thumb, he has clerks spinning on their perfectly filed axis.


To slightly softened good quality vanilla ice cream also: no cook vanilla ice cream here or coconut milk option here.

DSC_6704  DSC_6684

Golden raisins steeped in white rum, I put them into a glass jar cover with white rum , microwave for 15 seconds, then pop the lid on top on and shake or turn the raisins occasionally as they bask in the booze for a few minutes, hours or overnight.  This works extremely well with dark rum and raisins too.


Retain half the podgy swollen raisins and blitz the remainder to a gooey pulp together with the remaining rum and you could also include some ginger syrup? Quality control officers may wish to taste the residual liquid ? Purists may wish to push the pulp through a sieve if it’s looking a little seedy, or indeed if they are looking a little seedy too.

DSC_6713  DSC_6677

Swirl the heady, paste-y sweetness through the slightly softened vanilla ice cream albeit store-bought or hand cranked and fold through to blend and combine or ribbon swirl to your preference.  Add the remaining plumped now sozzled golden raisins and a comparable quantity of chopped ginger removed from the syrup if using.

DSC_6697  DSC_6686

Simply vary to suit personal taste and availability.

Return the ice cream for a stint in the freezer to firm and then serve in sculptural scoops, and coconut macaron in this instance, to the righteous and deserving only!

DSC_6690 rum and raisin 15 © www.ice-cream-magazine.com

Poisoned the child’s ice cream indeed! Phah! Go granny go….



happy birthday © www.ice-cream-magazine.com

The blog was a year old on the first of April. The pleasure of your company is hugely appreciated. Thank you one and all xxx



27 thoughts on “White Rum and Golden Raisin Ice Cream. A rum affair and the Anniversary Schmaltz with you…

  1. Happy Anniversary! It has been a wonderful year of tasty, luscious reading and eating. How about some pecan pieces in that rum and raisin?

  2. Your photos throughout your site are fantastic! Yours? Wish I could partake in your ice cream creations…but, sadly, lactose intolerant here.
    Thanks for the “like!”

  3. I am a huge rum&raisin fan, and your icecream looks really rich and decadent, while being super quick and simple to make – I love it! Three good quality base ingredients and you’re done.

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