Feudal Poodle Caramel Coconut ice cream

…. had a bit of an encounter which I will share since it does (eventually) culminate in a recipe. You may understandably wish to scroll to the bottom.


Big Kevs real name is Barry.  I observed BK/B, he appears as tall as he is wide. Shaven head, fit as a butchers dog and a cool looking character.   BK/B  was the bagman and wrangler of two pristinely preened, over processed poodles.  Two women disappeared into a shop, now screeching,  the poodles started a battle royal.


BK/B was eating a chocolate ice cream from a sugar cone, utterly undeterred, he stood militarily astride the Ladies shopping with a brace of feudal poodle. A small crowd formed all of whom were eating ice cream.

The poodles became a two tone ball suspended by two sparkly leather lanyards.  I couldn’t pass as they ravaged around me like banshee tumble weed.  BK/B and I were (within a nano second) manacled, a small faced but heavily bearded woman stood smiling and nodding at me. The situation now so surreal that wondered if I might be a set up and caught on camera. I checked my hand bag, just incase.   BK/B and I suddenly became quite close. He remained unflinching, stoic and continued eating his ice cream, no words were exchanged.

Then Head of Security arrived, he was probably a young school leaver (who smelt strongly of antiseptic and acne balm).  The feudal poodles continued keen as ever.  Head of Security asserted his opinion, I said, “Good afternoon Officer”, (well it seemed polite at the time) and he physically welled with my address.  BK/B crunched his way through the remainder of the empty cone. Feudal poodles still hard at it.  Head of Security chimed “You have to do something Sir!” and with that BK/B  took the top and straw from his iced cold drink (which magically appeared from under his arm) upended it and launched the entire contents over the ball of poodle. They stopped and became rigid. The crowd burst into rapturous applause and laughter as the two bedraggled puddled poodles shook away the ice, their respective ‘mummies’ dashed to their aid. The dogs names were Fanta and Cola! Ironically now drenched in lemonade.

Thanked the Officer and with that he also went about his business having contained the situation (Die Hard style). The two Ladies untangled me from the now saccharine soaked poodles.

“Well done mate!” shouted the ice cream vendor.  BK/B raised a rock star eyebrow in calmest acknowledgement and we all headed toward the ice cream van. BK/B’s wife was inconsolably apologetic and offered to buy me an ice cream, but vendor wouldn’t hear of it. Seems our little ‘show’ was good for business.

Big Kev’s shirt (56” chest) was a prank gift as his name was indeed Barry and he was on leave from the military where he is a chef.   I gave him this recipe which is embarrassingly simple. His deployment imminent, and with dairy scarce, this ice cream will  both travel and hit his weak spot.



1 can Dulche de Leche

1 can Coconut milk


Process in a machine. Alternatively use the scrape and stir method  in a suitable container, or set in ice cubes trays and then whizz in a food processor.

Equal quantities of any (including Carnation caramel)  Dulce de Leche &  skinny or full fat coconut milk have worked over the years.


Shown here with slices of Brûlée  Banana. Simply dust with golden caster sugar and blow torch the sliced fresh banana.


Big Kev whose name is really Barry is a big old ice cream softie and he intends to make this overseas with amusing thoughts of home.


16 thoughts on “Feudal Poodle Caramel Coconut ice cream

  1. I’m crying right now, because that looks so creamy, cool, yummy, and just plain awesome,…. and I can’t eat dairy anymore. *whimper…..wail*

  2. Aha this is the kind of recipe I was looking for! I had a bunch of extra coconut cream tonight! Coincidentally I also until yesterday had a tonne of dulce de leche from making my dulce vita chocolates! I will have to try this next time, because every time I make my chocolates I end up with heaps of leftover dulce de leche!

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