Big Knickers Ice Cream

Big Knickers Ice Cream and its suitable for diabetics?

I start the day with Earl Grey tea in bed, dutifully and kindly provided. Then to the shower where I remonstrate at length with the deaf cellulite angel.

Autumn has arrived like a wrecking ball upon ones Barnet (Barnet fair – hair) which reverts to pot scourer qualities. During the summer one now sports the classically trained beige ash gray at the front but whizzing around topless (not a pretty sight) by autumn it resembles a rancid fag hag ochre with the texture of stick frit.

Oils, emulsions and Mascaponesque goup amidst a myriad of shelves loaded with redundant product and a macédoine of clips, clamps, slides, bands and scrunchies cultivated over 50+ years have their own chest of drawers sans boudoir. This annual debacle is swiftly followed by a trip of much hilarity to the hair vet for the bi annual water torture and shoulder length bob.

An original hot pant wearer and doyen of Biba chic. Redheads have fun even as ones natural Titian colour declines. Once a 36-23-36 and 5’10”.  Oh my how time changes things. Make up now delivered by a rolling cement mixer and the max factor embalming kit brought out for events.  Only one of the curves still applies the rest begotten by gravity and a damn good full life. There comes a time when you have to be ok with it all and particularly grateful if it’s in reasonable working order after being raced and rallied around the world by a woman driver. Body dysmorphia to one side (actually both sides) we all claim to have our issues.  An Antipodian (homage to his delicious fragrant one btw) gripes about his self inflicted type 2 diabetes and his spikes inspire the following recipe.

For he alone to note: He refers to me as the Leader of the Opposition and I defer to him as the Elected Member. I think the fragrant one wins that hands down.


Whilst reading his side-splitting Antipodian blog, (not splitting enough to get some action from the deaf cellulite angel I might add).


I thought a cursory nod to the issue of diabetics which will also encompass not having to buy my toy boy a prezzie for his 80th birthday next year. Wild Bill this is for you too x


Cheek puckering saccharine substitutes wouldn’t be my first choice, but needs must when the devil drives!  I just don’t want our diabetic chums to feel abandoned.

You won’t find detailed breathe in, breath out recipes here.

That you are inspired to try your own twists or tweaks to suit your personal needs fills me with joy.

Particularly when tried variables are successfully enjoyed.

I understand that the feudal poodle ice cream has pleasured many of our dairy free folk and so I hope this may inspire some diabetics too. There are always sugar-free fruity sorbets but the mouth coating feel of big knickers ice cream may answer the call of the type 2 as I have made a very decent hip hugging ice cream from the following and if the cholesterol doesn’t get you the lack of regular sugar may please our type2’s. Please tweak to suit your dilemma, part of the world, or health issue.



I cup of full fat milk

3 cups of double or heavy cream

2 teaspoons of good quality vanilla extract (I used one with whole seeds)

2-3 teaspoons of palm sugar

1-2 teaspoon of maple syrup

Also to make a ‘Fragrant’ ice cream warm the milk but do not boil. Add bruised lemon grass stalks or lemon balm leaves to infuse and leave until cool, strain to discard lemon grass or balm.

Lemongrass ©

To do:

Combine the palm sugar in the maple syrup or a liquid sweetener of choice and stir to dissolve, add the rest of the ingredients and combine gently and chill throughly.

Process in a machine or place in a suitable container and freeze.  Periodically perform the scratch and scrape technique on the setting ice cream. Alternatively set in ice-cube bags/trays and whizz in a food processor once frozen to aerate thusly making a gelato–esque style rather than a dense decadent ice cream.

Ice cream v gelato is about density, air, sugar content and legalities. Personally I’m more of a scoffer but will look into its convivial parent.

Will likely address the topic after checking the proclivities and minutiae with the tea boy and google.

Toot toot or 2’t 2’t as you prefer  x

13 thoughts on “Big Knickers Ice Cream

  1. “Then to the shower where I remonstrate at length with the deaf cellulite angel.” HA! Yes, the body parts angels do seem to be a bit deaf, or go on a wander.

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