Caramel bourbon drizzle: A fake-s-pear soliloquy for thanksgiving


To bourbon caramel, or not to bourbon caramel, that’s been the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous calories (to counterbalance misery making covid)

Or to take arms against a smoked sea salt of troubles, and by opposing end them: to scoff, (big bit missing) to sleep, to waddle (made up bit and even bigger bit missing) … before being shuffled off this mortal coil.




Soliloquy: an act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or in my case regardless of any hearers/readers doing the loathsome speaky-typy thing! Dictation from Dictare(Latin) *deik-. Proto-Indo-European root meaning “to show,” also “pronounce solemnly. *I-C-M = formally sacks the speaky-typy thing.


The unctuous caramel. A dark brown sugar syrup  1:1 ratio combine in a pan, melt over a medium heat and stir occasionally until the clear bronze goo is slightly thickened. Once cool enough to handle add your chosen booze / hooch, bourbon, brandy, amaretto, dark rum. 1:1 / equal parts.  Less or more to taste or just leave out the alcohol if inappropriate.




Pear and ginger upside down cake. Lovingly laced with bourbon caramel drizzle.

A ginger sponge cake mixture poured over fresh pears baked with pistachio and slices of ginger in syrup. For non bakers, a pack of ginger cake mix and canned pears for your version?




Bourbon Old Fashioned cocktail is divine using the plain syrup. Add a twist of orange for its fragrant zest and natural oil. Serve over ice, a few dashes of bitters I use both orange and angostura, 2oz of Bourbon and a couple of teaspoons of the plain dark syrup.






Hot Toddy.  A mellow, Bourbon fuelled cuddle for a lack lustre day.  Bourbon, plain dark syrup, fresh lemon juice and top up with boiling water.





The Upgraded Triple Chocolate Brownie. Buy it or bake it? Dress it up or fake it?









Defrosting Brownie left overs..




.. found a new home in a talk glasses, badly rimmed with honey and pistachio, were then filled with chaos, giant marshmallows, chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate florentines, cashew nuts, pistachios, some bourbon caramel, tear- bedeck random ‘ginger biscuit people then more caramel lobbed in for good measure’!

“A candle? Whose birthday?

“Everyones! It’s just ages since we’ve all been together!”

“3 years my darling children 3 whole years, so you just crack on…”

Defibrillators at the ready!





Happy thanksgiving to one and all, both here and across the pond.

Wishing you safe, well and happy.

Toot toot x




17 thoughts on “Caramel bourbon drizzle: A fake-s-pear soliloquy for thanksgiving

  1. Love this soliloquy on bourbon. I grew in the South in the US and bourbon was like the state drink in Tennessee. Every Christmas I would make bourbon balls and in my mother’s cookbook for these little delights was a Mark Twain quote, “Too much bourbon is just enough.” I followed his advice and became quite merry. 🙂 Your post reminded me of those happy days.

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