Cranberry orange no-gin sorbet served with r.a.o.k



It’s really unlike me

to not make a post, 

to wish you glad tidings

and then make the most.




This year was different 

so I now divulge, 

of others less fortunate 

the need to indulge.




The news of ill health 

a lovely old chum.

Then one with a birthday..

 … just had to be done.




Some so alone

the call went out 

Fancy a coffee

and something quite daft? 




A Pandoro dressed

with curd, cream and glee

Swift pots of coffee

(He’s as deaf as can be).




The laughter abounded

as he grabbed for his phone

(we all took some snaps 

he could see when back home).




Others so lonely,

bereft, in distress.

The season can magnify 

for those in a mess.




An old fashioned bread pudd’n 

Lumped in a pan

Shared between dharlings

 .. because I can! 




I had made a cranberry

clementine thing.

The photos don’t justice

 its taste, and its zing.




Simple fresh cranberries

were swooshed  in a pan,

the juice of some clementines

went in,  then ‘wham’.




A swizzle of sugar

to taste ‘ don’t cha know’

As ever my ‘recipes’ (?)

remain quite gung-ho.




Nothing knew there

as they softened down.

Though the next thing I added

might just make you frown.




A serious glug

of no alcohol gin.

Which I know for so many

is a bit of a sin.




The flavour imparted

brought limitless joy,

once cooled and well sampled

by our precious Tea Boy. 




Into the jolly old

freezer it went.

My thoughts of the moment

” Umm time well spent”



No fancy machine

or magical wizardry. 

It set rather well.

Have I nailed domesticity?




I did add agave  

to help keep it soft,

which obviously worked

as the lot is now scoffed. 





Thank you for the pleasure of your company and kindness.

I wish you safe, well, and hope you have a fabulous 2022.


And since this is allegedly twelfth night and a food blog (?) 


Belated Condiments of the Seasoning 


Toot toot x




12 thoughts on “Cranberry orange no-gin sorbet served with r.a.o.k

  1. You’ve hit the season with a double whammy! Beautiful pictures and lots of beautiful food (all of it professionally arrayed) Happy New Year to you and Tea Boy! ❤

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