Nice’n easy Chocolate sorbet



“I yoghurt, I yoga, I’m 3 stone heavier. I’m quinoa’d out, I nibble while I scribble. I’m eating chocolate like it’s my last,   80/90 percent chocolate with the intention of making or baking something. I’m done with gloup, soup and droop.'” said sighed

“I think ones called work and the other cooking fatigue” quoth her glib, glum rhetoric. She sounded like Eyore. “Oh not to mention veg prep, just don’t even mention prep! Everything tasting the same, healthy, dour and bleugh.”




I suggest “Something for the weekend Madam?” and she buckled slightly with the giggles.

“On a very low heat make a stock syrup 50-50 sugar water.  150ml (5fl oz) of water and 150g (5oz) ish of caster sugar to sloven in a saucepan, until sugar has dissolved and become a syrup. Just on a low temperature to melt and meld.  Alternatively, Aga top, empty coffee jar works. Water, and caster sugar.  Lid it. Leave it. Love it. Done.




Melt some of your plethora of adorably dark, unctuous chocolate. 300g (10oz) dark chocolate.  Melt it in anyway you wish, I’m not into the politics of how, just melt it.

Mix the syrup and choccy combi gently but thoroughly.

The concoction roughly 50 percent ratio. (1% tasting, as a minimum, completely mandatory!)




“Your chocolate noir, can also be fiendishly uplifted with a kaleidoscope of boozy flavours, a small slug of espresso (usually included here). A splosh of Kirsch and then serve with a dark cherry compote. Cointreau and orange zest stirred through the mix to jolly it along?”





“Coo! Where do I slather it or can I just dive in?” she quirks. Her interest and curiosity now piqued.

“Nope neither, you up-cycle it into a couple take away tubs and freeze it.
You’ve just made a magnificent chocolate sorbet.”




Then take five minutes to your usually, twinkly-eyed self, go out for a waddle (she used to run miles) feel the sun on your chops. She’d wrapped up with her legal work for the day and decided to settle for a five minute gin and tonic (!) 

The next day 7.05am (?) her message read.  “That sorbet is really, really grown-ups-swear words” Awesome!


Toot toot




21 thoughts on “Nice’n easy Chocolate sorbet

  1. I’m definitely going to try this! I was looking for some interesting sorbet recipes (tummy has decided it no longer wants to play nice with dairy, lol) Thank you!

  2. OH MY GOD. JUST. YUM!!!!
    I was not aware that I needed this blog, but now that I’ve found it… It’s one of the nicest blogs around. A blog just about ice cream?? Sign me up XD
    Great post. I love the way it’s been written- and we’re p r o b a b l y going to try this recipe as soon as we can ;D
    stay sticky,

  3. Amazing chocolate balls, loving it. 😜😜 Raining today so no gardening or walkies for me.
    I am twice the size and still locked down, ho hum🇬🇷🇬🇷😥
    Love from Ricardo and I

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