Rhubarb, ginger, white chocolate, iced mousse cake


Rhubarb and ginger iced mousse cake  © www.ice-cream-magazine.com 


Lockdown doors now starting to creek open and outsy-doorsy-gatherings on the cards. The mere prospect of a sun kissed spring, let alone soaking up the sun through long, lazy, alfresco lunches brings an inner smile.

A sunny courtyard near to the kitchen provides an appropriate space for chums to arrive for a bit of ‘nosebag’. Fortuitously without need of clamping everything to the table in case of a howling gale or the necessity to chip away permafrost.




Everything in the shops seeming so basic and lack lustre, it’s back to the battle of ‘use up mode’.  The end of the biscuit barrel, gnarly chocolate cookies, ginger crunchy cookies with sticky ginger bits, a few double choc something-or-others and a tired bit of brownie went into the mini whizzer in batches as I couldn’t justify (be bothered) getting out the big guns.  


Whizzed in batches, then stirred together. Seemed enough moisture when pushed to the side of the bowl,  that I didn’t bother with the …and add melted butter and bake. Just a greaseproof paper circle in bottom of loose bottomed cake pan, a quick swipe of coconut oil to stop the filling welding itself to the sides.




So with the base nailed …umm a filling? A nearly up to its use-by-date, jar of stem ginger the syrup (what was left) slid into the mixer.  A guilty pleasure is to lightly drizzle the ginger syrup over roasting carrots as a glaze.  Definitely a door worth opening >>> and another to drizzle over freshly cut, rhubarb pieces before gifting them 15-20 minutes, to just tender, in a moderate oven.





To 2, needed using, tubs of mascarpone, 1 of ricotta, the end of a small tub of cream cheese, proper vanilla, some local honey to sweeten and as them mix seemed thick, loosened with a splosh of milk. The hope being it would set in the fridge over night.  This better assured with the addition of melted bar of posh, decent quality, white chocolate (left over from an exotic Easter creation) and lastly rumble and tumble in the very roughly chopped ginger.




So no eggs or setting agent. Just love a quick ta dah! Straight into the coldest part of the fridge, over night. If sloshy add more melted white chocolate (any excuse) and/or wallop it into the freezer for a few hours to ‘get a grip’. 

We shared half of the creation between four sprinkled with teeny tiny purple basil leaves and Huzzah! it didn’t quite freeze or overly set, just lightly iced.

The rest then duly portioned and frozen for … ok ok we scoffed the lot! 


Toot toot



© www.ice-cream-magazine.com

13 thoughts on “Rhubarb, ginger, white chocolate, iced mousse cake

  1. You make me laugh out loud! Having all those bits and bobs in your fridge and thinking up uses for it all is just so far beyond my imagination! It all sounds like all my favourite things whazzed into heaven. I shall look for jarred ginger pieces here.

  2. I was hooked the minute I saw the picture of Lillet. Love it. It can be used in so many creative ways and you have done it. Thanks for visiting my website.

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