Chocolate and fruit filled pancakes with ice cream. It’s a wrap?


An urgent message to AA arrives from NN.  I am AA ‘almost auntie’ thusly NN my ‘nearly niece’.  “Auntie can you please help.”  (dramatis personae) 

NN, “An Australian lady cut a wrap, folded it with different fillings and everyone’s jumping onto it. You used to do this for us,” being her bombast! “I don’t know what to do?”

NN, clearly as miffed as she was preoccupied with effortless disregard. 

Ah, the video call from Kitchen ‘cam’. My brooding vanguard standing hand on hips.  She has the flavour, (ma and pa are both legal beagles and, currently, the jaded purveyors of home tutoring) plus the extracurricular cascade of unfortunate events gifted by chaotic C19.

“Anyway for school we are doing a home project based on what you used to do for us.  Steering the conversation toward the greater good of humanity and just when I thought I’d nailed her concerns. “So what should I do?”

“Auntie I can not not do it, they’d think it’s a protest.” After a little more libretti, huffy fluffing.


Hormonal pause.  “I don’t know what fillings to use.” she blurts.

10 thoughts on “Chocolate and fruit filled pancakes with ice cream. It’s a wrap?

  1. So pretty!! I learned a similar technique for grilled savory wraps from Tik Tok of all places. (I have teens at home still…) So much better than actually “wrapping” in a roll. 🙂

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