A rollicking raspberry frozen yoghurt


The nose wrinkling sharpness, a quenching sweet note and the tang and twang that only greek yoghurt brings. I proffer a compelling portrait of ‘easy’ to our fragmented mosaic of frozen delights and this one is tightly sewn into the very fabric of simplicity.





The thought occurred as I wandered past the village hall, and overheard the ‘wind chimes’ of the over 80’s dance class. One couldn’t help but notice the unwitting sculpture of walking aids parked outside as they rocked out to “Zorba the Greek”…. Ting! Oh I know, a froyo!

I’d mailed one of my toy-boys, who had just had his 85th birthday, to pop over for a light bite and thought I’d test drive it on him. T’was duly approved.




No great surprise that I couldn’t be doing with loads of bizarre rigmarole and making a frozen yoghurt certainly isn’t a slog, and gifts a simple, zero fat, Cinderella like transformation. So it was kisses all round for my boys, gurt big hug for the birthday boy and the method KISS (Keep It Simple Stoop’id) prevailed .






Magisterial in taste, raspberries are a joy, be they fresh, frozen, canned or unexpectedly defrosted…sigh. I chose (had to use) the defrosted raspberries from recent events…huff. Cooked them briefly with some caster sugar. It’s a taste thing and these were wincingly sharp. Only adding about half a cup of sugar to 2/3 of a pan of the juicy raspberries (patronising pat on shoulder to self).  Bubbled them for a while with the sugar, left to cool, flourished with a squidge of glucose syrup and a decent 2-3 cups of 0% fat Greek style yoghurt. Just taste and sweeten, if necessary. Once lobbed into an appropriate, lidded container, then into the freezer an overnight stay. No machine, no phaph, job done.




For a super-speedy-no-cook alternative simply whizz/blend your fruits, sweeten to taste if necessary, combine with Greek yoghurt, freeze, allow to slightly defrost, scoff and if accidentally left to melt. Smoothie!




No one will be overly shocked to read that 2-3 tablespoons of gin kicked this into a rollicking seasonal sensation? Once sinfully slaked (oh such a devil may care attitude) became further emboldened by the tiny hint of Gin. Cointreau, Framboise rather than white rum and daiquiri ‘d to death, are alternatives but even then I’d give the complaints department the day off.  





Unique chemistry between raspberry and Greek style yoghurt are a triumphant combination.   





Now to celebrate the arrival of yet another new freezer, as it seems recent ‘developments’ were not entirely user error… well 1 out of 3 anyway.

A swift and simple post to wish one and all a glorious 4th of July, particularly our friends from across the pond.


Toot toot


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27 thoughts on “A rollicking raspberry frozen yoghurt

  1. I think mixing your metaphors took more effort! Lovely colour, a favourite fruit flavour, and Greek yogurt can only be the best dessert in the room! Love it!

  2. I agree with everyone. This looks amazing. My new raspberry bush yielded about 7 berries sooooo I’ll have to hit the grocery 🤣 hmmmm I may toss this delicious mixture in my ice cream maker.

  3. Love yogurt with raspberries! Never thought to create a frozen one. I have almost all of the ingredients– just have to get the raspberries! Still some fresh to get around here for a cool treat in the heat this weekend! Great idea, great pics as usual.

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  5. This looks super good. I saw a post that had these kind of desserts made into ice cream pops! And then dipped into chocolate. I think the chocolate would really match raspberry. I’m going to try that for sure.

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