Kir Royale Sorbet, over here with the Kir m’dear



I confide an instance, which occurred whilst recently entertaining guests and whizzing around like a gnat on a promise. I’m unquestionably nee undeniably here today to brag. A recent impeccably honed skill, in its own right, of which I seemingly excel. A repetitive action that some may well relate to. Is that of not shutting a freezer door properly.  OK yes, yes Im sure many just said to themselves, “Oh, hell on a bike, I’ve done that!”

Bravo us, but I’ve managed to do this on three consecutive weekends with three different freezers. She says mentally spitting feathers, which hasn’t eased the self-deprecating-mind-chaffing issue.  My inner swearing and outer shriek of disbelief gifting immeasurable pleasure to on lookers, the tea boy in particular.




He, was busily un-welding his eyebrows from his hair line, whilst coordinating his eye roll and tut. Now, through practice, has honed his vocabulary to a deliciously understated. “Oh not again”.

Thwarted? Moi? …of course not. Super shiny freezers, loads or room for ‘stuff’. Every cloud etc.





Defrosted cranberries are currently becoming a deplorably boozy cranberry conserve (obvious). Dullish dhal, now a derring-do of a darling dhal. Labelled: Salvador Dhal.

Breakfasts of french toasts a tad more regular than usual. The birds are having an absolute field day bringing all their new little fledglings to feast at the ice-cream-idiot-meadows!




Just to add to the joy, I noticed the remaining Kir Royale sorbet was now a third of its original quantity, upon closer (almost forensic) examination I found it had been recently attacked with a spoon shaped instrument.  The ‘perp’ hadn’t covered his tracks well and left said implement in the pantry sink.

“What’s this?” declared your writer to the tea boy.  “Its mildly reminiscent of an implement mostly regarded as a dessert spoon” replied the perp.


After a brief exchange it was proffered that denial was unnecessary as he still had kir-royale sorbet dolloped down his shirt whilst sporting a colour matched joker-purply-perpd’ smile.




Forgiveness forthcoming when he crooned about how delicious it was.

Ummmm. Praise from Caesar is praise indeed…. taps key board and has a bit of a think.

The only decent thing about an unwitting de-permafrost-ing is the small revelation of finding, unnecessary peculiarities which one may have (covetously) been too tight or guilt tripped, to bin. Self convincing, “Oh I’ll use that for…” versus wicked waste!”




Cubed panforte and the last of that lovely stuffing left over from Christmas were both ceremoniously retired to the kitchen lawn. Swiftly this became the wedding breakfast for a couple of pigeons, who were duly inspired to celebrate their nuptials there and then (taking a good stuffing a tad too literally for my thinking).

The newly weds were then toasted (no not literally more bubblicly) for their lust and lack of discretion.




The remaining plethora of semi-defrosted blackcurrants now needed to be gifted their next phase of life.  We popped a cork and raised a glass to the pigeons life together.  Their nest in the wisteria arbour over the front doors from last year now subtly rebuilt. We wish them well.

One remaining half of the black currants were poo-poo’d in champagne. The remainder took cold comfort from an emergency bottle of non alcoholic elderflower bubbly. Happy days, elderflowers currently in bloom at the back of the garden.





The plating skills of a seagull are portrayed above. A flop of greek yoghurt, a couple of macaron filled with a creme including a nip of elderflower cordial, a fridge/cupboard skirmish.  Just whizz frozen/defrosted black currants, sweeten to taste and combine with ‘poo or elderflower sparkle (!) of preference.

Abandon to freeze over night (note to self: remember to firmly close the freezer door!)



Toot toot



Lastly yes, yes I saw that cheeky comment on the blackcurrant cheese cake post Capt. Sparkle!


12 thoughts on “Kir Royale Sorbet, over here with the Kir m’dear

  1. Had quite a chuckle reading your post!!
    It all looks incredible.

    The last ice cream I made was deep dark chocolate avocado ice cream, which was to die for……previous was blueberry vanilla bacon ice cream for a bacon fanatic in my life!!

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