Caramel popcorn and pretzel ice cream cake? … it’s a compete fabrication!



The remit: something based around ice cream, which looks like a cake, acts like a cake, low-ish on the calories, not too sweet, certainly no chocolate. Pity sake that’s purgatory not celebratory. A candle balancing on an ice cube? Celebratory? low dairy, no nuts or dried fruits, suits 6-8 people.





Lightly defrost a litre or two of ice cream (as too often happens when you’re caught in traffic on the way back from the supermarket). Combine with 2-3 packs of sweet and salted popcorn. Paint the centre and sides of your favourite nonstick cooking pot with coconut oil, place large salted pretzels on the base and add a layer of the popcorn ice cream combo.

Place a tub of ice cream in the centre, (be a dear and firstly remove it from the packaging) then added a slake (rest of a bottle) of caramel. Surround, in fact, bury it as best possible with said ice cream popcorn rubble. Cover and place into a nice bright shiny new freezer whilst you still have a little amount of space left!





Stand back and wonder what exactly you’re going to do with all the stuff defrosting on your counter top? Then swiftly squidge it back and around the pot . Gloat inwardly that you haven’t quite filled the new freezer to pussies bow ….yet!





Once frozen dismantle the freezer once again, remove the combination cake. Rescue your pan and put the ‘supporting stuff’ back (tidily) from whence it came or maybe have a pirate style ho ho at the gloriously empty freezer space (yes, yes, in the short term). I wrapped the ‘cake’ in nonstick baking parchment and returned said cake to the freezer for a few days until required.

The ‘soft centre’ was a caramel flavour ice cream the body vanilla, (all store bought, low calorie, vegan friendly) …smart eh!


There after it’s ‘gloves off’ to decorate.




Duly doff’d with tiny fudge bits, large and small salty pretzels, more caramel popcorn.

Adorn with all the pizzaz that can be gleaned from a candle that, once lit, can be seen from outer space rather than the sad old dim thing shown.




Combining all the weird and wonderful flavour hits of caramel, pretzels, sweet and salty pop corn (now there’s a topic to divide a room!) with ice cream is hardly a chore.

Yours could be GF, vegan friendly simply adjust and amend as required.

It brought joy to both young and we more mature children. Sure, it’s a fabrication but one that can be a swift fix in desperation, a “use up” or certainly gift much post-barbeque hilarity.


Time for a little … oh cooo I can do that, fun?


Toot toot x




23 thoughts on “Caramel popcorn and pretzel ice cream cake? … it’s a compete fabrication!

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  3. Growing up my sisters and I would play penny ante Blackjack with my grandmas and great aunt in the summer, while eating chocolate or vanilla ice cream with saltines. The perfect match.
    This reminded me of that because of the salty sweet ice cream combo with all those textures, but really this is much more sophisticated in presentation and I imagine flavor than dishes of ice cream and saltines from a packet.
    Thanks for liking my “banana muffins” post.

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