Amaretto, amaretti, plum-gorgeous verrine



The summer staggered from searing-peek to wash-out trough, the air as thick as treacle one moment followed by thunder and lightening worthy of any am-dram crescendo. Trippers, many of whom have scrimped to provide their families with a holiday in these ’ere parts. They simply gave up, went home or turned up here.








To this seasons, stunningly coloured, stoned fruit gently braised in a little sugar and and roughly half water to weight of fruit. The plum-pious-ness then left to cool. If I don’t stop ‘tasting it’ there will be none left.  A ‘jolly decent slug’ of Amaretto liqueur swirled to combine. The permeation will gift your writer to further taste, but only in the interest of her kindly readers. OK the quantity has incomprehensibly shrunk, evaporated, simply disappeared.


Guests for supper remember deary?





Guests for supper remember deary? Indeed, I so hope they enjoy the remaining pittance squidged into a flat based glass (a Verrine)


Ahem. 0 fat greek style yoghurt or softly whipped cream, were gently combined with some sumptuous, local, new-season honey.  Swiftly pop the creme for the verrines to the freezer to firm, as some ‘types‘ are turning up shortly but are currently denying the over zealous tasting department of a great deal of joy! Start layering the heading-towards-frozen creme, fruit, and gravel very swiftly! Ahem to your ahems!




To a dry pan, white caster sugar is swiftly melted to a dry caramel.  It’s lethal stuff, as boiling sugar can be, do take care. Once upturned onto a non stick sheet and swiftly cascaded with slivers of  almonds, no, no, not me silly. the caramel! ‘tis then verily clouted and or snapped . No, still not me.

Place the almond brittle under lock and key, well away from the afore mentioned tasting department, it is acceptable to neatened and tidy but for aesthetics purposes only.




Take any remaining amaretti biscuits from the large, recently opened box of amaretti biscuits and taste a couple more to further extend professional courtesy.




Nip (in desperation) to the pantry and scarify until the almond granola is found (phew) and hastily add some to the (to-few) remaining amaretti biscuits. Lob the lot together (in desperation) via a poly bag. Crush to form a gravel rather than dust. Taste, because it would be frightfully rude to not so do.

Add a few more almonds to pad it out, regret nibbling the last biscuit?




Well you know how it is when you have guests for supper deary?

Err… Yes I do, please excuse me, as they are just pulling into the drive!






Toot toot x





27 thoughts on “Amaretto, amaretti, plum-gorgeous verrine

  1. I think I just gained 40 delicious pounds and don’t even feel guilty about it! And thanks for liking my post on my mom’s 1 2 3 4 cake!

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