Black’n blueberry ice cream with purply pigmented pizzaz




Natures colourful documentary of the now much demised Autumn inspired reverie with this purply pigmented, pleasingly palatable, plumply piquant, pushover of a pud to see in the new year.

Proffering a treaty to vastly over thought seasonal process and effort. How about garage door handle sorbet or a pigeon eye brow ice cream? Agh… Go and be weird somewhere else! Enough of the over-thinking gimmickry.


Here we engage in a quick and tasty make ahead frozen dessert with a complete lack of fundamental faff which can be boldly banished to our friendly freezers for a ta dah, “here’s one I made earlier” reveal.





Below a visual commentary on whence our black berries and brambles came from. Simply gathered, (ha… swashbuckled the torturously-tentacled, uninvited-unwieldy, barbed, blaggards) bagged, tagged and bundled ‘um into the freezer.





Different berries, different bags, they were in a bit of a jumble. Consolidating said plethora with the wealth of blueberries from a chum (who just happens to own a nearby blueberry farm) compels your ice cream whisperer.






Hence we deploy, our old favourite, the ‘chuck it all in’ method.  Whizz, bash, whoosh, slosh, freeze, flump, flop and doff.

Whizz double, whipping or heavy cream . As long as you use an average quantity of half to a third of fruit to creamy stuff it’s good to go.  Yes Greek style yoghurt works, and worse case scenario becomes a delicious smoothie?

Whoosh together said ‘creamy’ stuff, I added vanilla seeds, and a twitch of lavender sugar.  Sweeten to taste, I used about half a cup of fine caster sugar but insist that you deploy what suits your palette or needs.
Slosh in a little booze? A floral or sloe gin with the softening (lightly defrosted, bashed and then jolly blotto) berries or a punchy cordial worked splendidly.

Maybe even be a little cavalier and do all the whole ‘making malarkey’ in a food mixer?




Freeze in an appropriate freezer container, or set into a shape or forme. A handy back up option for the ‘ Oh I don’t like/can’t eat … brigade too. You don’t need an ice cream machine, just a drop of hooch, the cream/sugar stifles a hard set.


They now gift their exquisite colour and flavour. 

Supermarket fresh/frozen berries work a treat too. Note: A little splash of elderflower cordial truly cheers weary store-bought berries.




Flump or flop it into a pretty glasses. Present as a terrine or garland.
Doff with icing sugar (or powdered sugar if you’re in the great America’s) or just…

Hit it with ‘the pretty’. (Edible flowers still flowering for the New Year too…aww)

It certainly cheered the waft and whimsy of tempestuously fickle guests.





Gifting, an (unapologetic) exquisite shiver and quiver. A comforting, persuasive flavour which simply takes you back for more.





In case of emergency break out the ‘violaceous‘ ice cream.

Simple, easy-on-the-eye, a jolly mongrel of a frozen pud which couldn’t be bettered after all that swashbuckling business.





Sincerest thanks, as ever, for the absolute pleasure of your company during 2018.

With every good wish and fingers crossed for a totally spiffing 2019 for one and all eh?


Toot toot x




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