Tiramisu cocktail canapé ice cream sing-a-long. I have a dream……




I eat ice cream, a thong to ping,

it’s dashed my hopes of every thing

‘coz it is no wonder, because it is a fail

I eat all the ice cream, eat it by the pail.




I’m now wearing bloomers

living with my cellulite you see

Big old-fashioned bloomers

with elastic just above the knee.





 …I eat the sweet?  I have a scheme




I have a scheme, I’ll go fat-free?

To help me through, disparity

hence my hesitation, it might take a while

eating all the ice cream, really makes me smile




I’m now wearing bloomers

living with the cellulite that’s me

big old stretchy bloomers

even though I know I hold the key…




…I eat the sweet? I have a scheme.

(Key change: Come along now, sing up in the back rows.)




I have a dream, I’ll give up wheat?

All my will power … left in Crete

The freezer I will plunder,

there’s no need to start, fortunately ice cream

doesn’t make you … hiccup




Hence I’m wearing bloomers

living with my cellulite that’s free

classy, sassy bloomers

great if you’ve had several cups of tea.


I eat the sweet?  I’m not that lean.




Now here’s the scheme ..Tear-a-miss u

I failed again, so, so can you

It’s a total wonder, it’s the holy grail

tiramisu bombeee and a spoon to scale.




I believe in corsets,

bigger drawers in every drawer for me,

I believe in corsets, sadly I know what is right for me

A pud to glean? Yummy ice cream!




A little sweet… a canapé

A little treat, what’s more to say?

I used mascarpone 

and Khalua mixed with cold coffee

melon ball size ice cream, 

and some crumbs of chocolate cake suit me

It tastes so neat

Underwear defeat!





With a store-bought pack of mini chocolate muffins, a very decent ‘drizzle’ of Coffee liqueur, cold espresso and marsala. I set about my quest.
Line a ‘pudd’n’ basin with the halved mini chocolate muffin/cakes. May well have tucked a few ‘marzipan balls’ here and there for my darlings, and secure into position with a slightly melted (very in truth) tub or two of chocolate and or coffee ice cream.  Cover the top and thereafter haphazardly donate it to a freezer drawer. Please note the writer precariously balanced the above on a ‘bloomer’ loaf which she had the good sense to place flat side up. (in no way did I think to do this on purpose!)


Devoured before I could take the final photos!


Sweet little cocktail canapés, an Abba parody?
So I say …. “Thank you for music and more ice cream for me.”


Toot toot x


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