Rhapsody in blue-berry sponge pudding

This pimply faced pud is utterly divine Dharlings like an opera singers bra, soft and delicate yet flexible and supportive for when she taps into her ‘resources’.

The crowd pleaser pud you seemingly fell for was from a friends 50 birthday party.  Cooked for about an hour in the bottom right oven of his Aga.

It was a tad nippy in the marquee and this and a couple of other puddings disappeared in a trice (served with hot custard, clotted, double and ice cream). It is the same recipe just cooked in a bain-marie, in a medium oven for 40-60 minutes with the top secured with a foil tin hat. I’ve made this since Adam was a lad and it is here by popular demand.

DSC_7015  bluberry pud

blueberry pudding with custard (copy) copy  blueberry pudding with custard

I’m already suffering from repetitive spice-syndrome this autumn and this pud is a simple satisfying alternative yet versatile for we inveterate tinkerers.

Note: I find a tiny splash of juice or liqueur whacks up the flavor and elevates its qualities from super food to superb. It works wonderfully with most soft and de-stoned fruits.

Taste and adjust with juice, booze or sugar to suit personal preference and availability.

DSC_3867  DSC_3868

100 g of each: proper butter at room temperature, self-raising flour, sugar.

1 teaspoon of decent vanilla and the same of baking powder

2 good quality largish eggs

A pinch of salt

Whizz all in a processor.

DSC_3870  DSC_3872

Blueberries and hooch into the base of a buttered glass oven-proof bowl (16cm)

Pour the mixture over the fruit, place a plate on top and microwave on full power for 5 minutes and leave for another 2.

DSC_3874  DSC_3875

Invert carefully in front of an anxious crowd, their oohs and ahhs as good as any that you will hear on Bonfire Night as the bubbly blisteringly hot blueberries will become jammy magma over the soft vanilla sponge.

Serve with vanilla ice cream or pour a cuddle of warm custard over each serving and devour to the emollient sound of purring people.

DSC_3882  DSC_3880

DSC_3894  DSC_3895

DSC_3902  DSC_3905

DSC_3908  DSC_3885

Having recently mastered the Halloween knack of cack, it is time for comfort food and this should take us all back to our happy place.


31 thoughts on “Rhapsody in blue-berry sponge pudding

  1. Looks totally scrumptious…funny I made a microwave chocolate fudge version of this on Tuesday!….the hubby cudnt believe I whacked it together so quick! Think I’d prefer this version though!

    • ……. It is the same recipe just cooked in a bain-marie, in a medium oven for 40-60 minutes with the top secured with a foil tin hat. I’ve made this since Adam was a lad and it is here by popular demand…… Enjoy x

  2. Found this in my “food folder” a a week or so ago while (whilst) looking for something else. Fresh blueberries still around–blackberries would be good too, I’ll bet–and had to make it. Very yummy. Nice summery dessert (even though I had to turn on the oven) for the unusually hot weather we’ve been having in our area. Thanks!

  3. I’m sorry, but I’m not sure I totally understand the directions… but would love to make this this weekend! It looks GLuten Free which is too good to believe! Can you kindly break it down for me so I can make it? Thanks

    • Sadly not GF 100 g of each: butter at room temperature, self-raising flour, sugar. Ill see what can be done and make a post in due course. It me be worth trying with ground almonds and some additional baking powder? xx

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