Merry Cherry Ice Cream

Merry Cherry Ice cream

cherry ice cream1

Life is just a bowl of cherries or if you are unfortunate enough to have a spell checker. Wife is just a bowel of herpies, I remain quietly confident that this isn’t the case.

Cherries are magical little darlings, arriving in their full-on blousey flowery way and mature to wondrous little wrecking balls of fruit.  Their gravitas wreaking havoc with a bing bang, sweet sour, dark diva red fruit that can dispatch a tooth filling in a nano second if you haven’t relieved it of its stone (not a pip = based on hardness apparently)

From the frailty and abundance of gentle pink flowers to the absolute ballsiness of fruit. Cherry can handle her booze and loves a drop of cognac and is indeed thanks to a certain Peter Frederik Suhm Heering able to give her weight to a Singapore sling or Rudolph Valentino’s Blood and Sand Cocktail ( thats Socktail in predictive format btw – sigh).

Cherry Heering being used in many a culinary enterprise as its high alcohol content evaporates during the cooking process (nods indifferently – saying oh yes of course it does).

Cherries are rapidly at the end of their season (stored in brown paper bags in fridge)

It’s time to rock and roll Cherry Baby she can indeed be plastered in the middle of the day with good conscience and adores being slathered in ice cream. Dream on dear reader.

To do:

Take cherries, wash and de stone.

cherry ice cream2

Exfoliate with granulated sugar in hot non stick wok. Roughly ⅓ of the weight of cherries in sugar or a small amount of agave if you are diabetic.

Let them blubble in a wondrous smell sensation for a few minutes to achieve a juicy jammy texture but retain their curvaceous shape.

cherry ice cream3

Leave to cool considerably, the are hot hot hot as this point.

Add a little slug of hooch i.e. Cognac, Cherry Brandy, Kirsch, Cointreau or orange juice or suit your style.

Then to do:

cherry ice cream4

Take ice cream no cook vanilla as here or store-bought.

Apply ice cream to bowl.

Pour over cherished cherries whilst still a little warm, garnish with rasps of cold bitter chocolate if you so desire.

Devour, hoping that no one can overhear your salacious groans.


cherry ice cream15  cherry ice cream16

Pour the cherries and juices over some slightly softened vanilla, squidge and squiggle them to combine and return the ice cream and cherries to freeze, then share with friends or loved ones – as if!

cherry ice cream17  cherry ice cream18

Don’t forget cooking is art and instinct!

You will be doing this in the interest of art by instinct.


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