Bitter and Twisted No Kerfuffle Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream.

Bitter and twisted, Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream – Choctober AW13.

DSC_3465  DSC_3455

A distorting mirror is a must as a fairground attraction where an extruded face or torso amuses albeit momentarily.

We return from a brief sojourn in Ireland, a sumptuous hotel suite, all frightfully spiffing Dharlings yet we are both a little mentally scarred.  A once svelte anatomy rapidly morphed from minimal to gargantuan, aided and abetted by the glycine sheen of glittering jet black tiles with a harsh, bitter mirror finish. They were fitted to both walls and floor in the bathroom. Callously revealing and dismorphing the well hidden truths of a women of my considerable years.  Evard Munch The Scream is now theoretically understood.

On the plus side it was positively brilliant for moonwalking practice and my version of Bee Gees Saturday Night Fever. Saturday night mare fever more appropriate. My routine never bettered even with a headful of heated rollers.

The tea boy agreed unreservedly and was also initially taken aback. Ghoulishly astonished, though at times garishly gifted I am assured?  Visioning parts that hadn’t seen the light of day for years. Perish the thought and moving swiftly on.

Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream – Choctober AW13

A sophisticated and very grown up bitter chocolate truffle ice cream shown here with crystalized orange zest ( shown here ), filbert (hazelnut) tuille, drips of vanilla infused maple syrup, crushed filberts, fennel micro herbs.

DSC_2720  DSC_2728

High cocoa content chocolate can be infused or bought pre-flavored, the ones shown are a bar of chilli and the other sea salt by Lindt.

Serve a polished quenelle as a pre dessert or use as an element to a stylishly plated pud.  Minimum time and effort – maximum impact.


I appreciate that Clotted Cream is an issue overseas, I suggest check the fat content of your ‘heavy’ cream and then add unsalted butter to the recipe as a compromise.  We don’t want you fading away do we? The clotted cream shown is local to us and ( I’ll type this quickly so as no one will notice ) is 55% butter fat. Single is about 18% and double cream 48% ho hum. On the plus side we all know that there are no calories what-so-ever in chocolate and as a vegetable its good for us. Note: It’s really difficult typing quickly with crossed fingers.

Recipe and Method:

DSC_3429  DSC_3430

Melt (most) of two bars of 70-80% chocolate, quality control is essential so taste a little (tee hee). Do the pan over hot water thing and get bored waiting.  Tip water out of pan and dollop in about 100 g of clotted cream to melt.  Stop giving the chocolate a Medusa glare and pay attention to the cream or your version there of.

DSC_3436  DSC_3437

Pour the accommodating cream over the ‘still thinking about it’ chocolate and swirl, leave for best part of a minute and then stir to combine.

DSC_3447  DSC_3451

Add 2-3 tablespoons of liquid glucose, this will slightly sweeten the mixture and aid an essential silky texture. Diabetics this could be a goodie for you?

It will cool quickly so swiftly dispense into your ice cream machine or pour into an appropriate freezer vessel to do its thing.

Scrape the mixing bowl and lick the spoon as chefs perks, expect to have that knowing eyebrow and nodding conversation between the Umms and Ahhs with yourself.

DSC_3457 (copy)  DSC_3465

When you are ready to serve:-

Heat the back of a dessert spoon over a flame and drag a quenelle of the chocolate truffle ice cream. Place between the details/variations you have chosen as your option of this sumpteous pre-dessert.

It is obviously rich and positively luxx, and the diva hardly melts  . . . Hence a no kerfuffle truffle ice cream!


9 thoughts on “Bitter and Twisted No Kerfuffle Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream.

  1. Recipe = fabulous. You had me at high cocoa content; yes, please! Writing = tantalizing, as always. Lovely to hear about the life – and the experiences – behind the recipes. Thanks for addressing the clotted cream / double cream conundrum experienced in less, ah-hem, foodie-evolved parts of the globe. Great photos, though this is to be expected.

  2. Thank you, it’s an absolute pleasure, m’dear. Whilst remonstrating with the deaf cellulite angel earlier, (who incidentally asked to be remembered to many of you) about the rise and fall of hip lard, this recipe was high on my agenda for approval. Delighted to report a nod of approbation. x

  3. Oh yum…BBC2s been looking a nex excuse to get the ice cream maker out again in autumn, and I think I’ve found it for him! And living Cornwall getting clotted cream is no problem Thank you, this will go very well his pear tart, if there’s any left! Lol

  4. Oooooh! How decadent and delicious is it? I’ll bet it’s 11 on all scales. Thanks for the clotted cream tip. Wouldn’t this be good with rhubarb pie? My mouth is watering. And my hips are crying out for MORE.

  5. Alas, I’ve had to move from the farm with 3 giant filbert trees. But I’ve found a local Cornish restauranteur who will sell small tubs of his home-made clotted cream! Recipe sounds just the correct degree of naughty. Yum!

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