How lovely to see you.

Please help yourself to a glass of champagne, come in and mingle? You are a welcome guest, thank you for dropping by.

Champagne and strawberry sorbet

This is a debut, a foray, a whimsy, a vent for edible artiness.  As a creative, it’s a joy to be unrestrained!

Cat dreaming of ice cream ©www.ice-cream-magazine.com

Though I’d rather give the cat a leg wax than write another about me page!

There is, however, a base plan for a free, on-line quarterly magazine, this blog is the litmus test.

Please share your thoughts as you are my target demographic:-
Interested and interesting carers and sharers, for which I thank you.


An About page was originally destined to appear with an explanation of a tenuous link to the book shown, that was if the blog ever garnered 100 followers (blush).   Cecelia Aherns book One Hundred Names,  added alchemy to my thoughts. Your presence is appreciated and proves the essence of her writing to be true.

thank you cupcake

Thank you for your time and for being so kind.

Love from Panz  X

Your questions answered:

How long have you been cooking?

a dogs dinner © www.ice-cream-magazine.com

Oh 45 years – ish. There was the odd dogs dinner early on but most things turn out ok.


fruit face mauritius © www.ice-cream-magazine.com

Nothing exciting, did ok at the School of Survival.  A Master’s degree in Art and Design, which is deplorably un-exercised, as am I.

Why blog?

With love place setting ©www.ice-cream-magazine.com

The blog will be left in perpetuity for my family. Chaucer wrote: The devil makes work for idle hands (also minds in my case).

Whats your style?

Ice cream fiends at Brighton ghost walk © www.inspiredcompany.com© www.ice-cream-magazine.com

Many and varied. Dear me, some of you can be quite scary. Common sense cooking with a few twists and turns, plenty of keen hyperbolic language, rather than the minutiae, a bit of fun, a lot of ice cream.

plowing old and new© www.ice-cream-magazine.com

I love the combination of old and new.

When did you decide to write a blog?

white wine in glass

The glass of wine shown here and on the front page was the defining dining moment and helped explain, to others, my incessant desire to cook, create, phaph and photograph food.

Wit v wisdom?

DSC_7509.JPG - Version 2

My prototype for a black and white ice cream machine, It’s a work in progress.

Hope you see a little of both?

Note: My first post was on April foods day.

y front

Who takes your photographs?

I do, exclusively.

Is Pansy your real name?

Ah intrigue? No. My late parents et al called me Panz or Pansy it’s just a nick name. It comes from Pansy Potter the Strong Mans Daughter. A Beano Cartoon, from 1938.   http://www.beano.com/retro-beano/pansy-potter?decade=1960.

   The proprietress

Lastly please don’t nick my stuff. Please ask.   ©This website Copyright on this website, including all prose, content and photographs belong to the proprietress ( editor at) of www.ice-cream-magazine.com as guided and supported by the Intellectual Property Office UK. All rights reserved u less otherwise stated.

Full credit and appropriate links will always be given to others in the future and visa versa appreciated.

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  1. I was an extreme lover of ice cream before I became vegan. I loved my milkshakes! My favorite flavors were French vanilla and butter pecan.

    I have since made milkshakes with vegan ice cream and soymilk that were delicious!

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