Gelato tours and teeny Valentiny tiramisu


Warm, winter waddle past one Gelato hostelry after another. The tea boys favourite restaurant in Rome was closed but he had a back up, it’s down this alley and close to the Pantheon. A nice place to linger briefly, he assured.




A place to linger …. is that a hoarding …. hold on ….that’s not a hoarding it’s ya actual, actual Pantheon!

A swooshed table cloth, a cascade of glasses swiftly covered the entirety of the table. The Tea boy warmly greeted, as I was introduced. A bottle of water a couple of Campari sodas (swirling bathtub size).



Happy days. A couple of irresistible Parmesan butter nibbly biscuits.

In my head rattles and on repeat. “The really, real Pantheon it looks like a hoarding”?

I’d purposefully avoided Rome since having had to call my Parents when I was a kid whilst they were there, and having to tell them that my Grandfather had suddenly died, which now makes no sense whatsoever! Idiot!




An ensuing perky, crunchy, crostini  is where the concept of sharing completely collapsed!

‘I’ve brought you here to try their tiramisu”. smirks himself.




Since one hates to disappoint, quietly gurgling with merriment with the lip smacking, velvety smooth, complex salute to tiramisu. A quiet word with the Chef before we left found me making todays Valentine dessert for both The Tea Boy and for you.




A comparatively humble affair, by comparison, but this is without doubt down to the quality and availability of ingredients and flavour profile that you enjoy.




Chef had stabilised the cream with a small amount of condensed milk and egg yolks (genius the condensed milk not so confident about the uncooked eggs however).

Savoiardi biscuits, boudoir biscuits, sound so elegant mostly in the UK they are known as sponge fingers!




Do try and make this your own. To the biscuits a mix of coffee, marsala, coffee or chocolate liqueur, rum, brandy in any and many combinations. Drizzled to soak and soften, rather than the dunk and flop / disintegrate option.

The creme is traditionally, mascarpone, sugar, cream, vanilla. Some lighten the mix with ricotta. Whip and sweeten to taste.




Simply layered and refrigerated to set, then dressed with an unashamed cascade of cocoa powder (or chocolate vermicelli if, like me, you haven’t the time to clean the edges) The individual ceramic hearts were wrapped and then slid into the freezer for another time.





The pure silliness of this tiramisu template is for a quick pud, it’s a darling of a dessert. The trip became the perfect excuse to spend hours lusting over beautiful ice creams, the occasional delicious recipe, an unexpected Pantheon moment and the indisputable magnificence of Rome.




Back at our hotel, seeing the tea boy taking on the next challenge was beyond entertaining, a colour changing, LED flashing light, head board. Observing his attempts to turn off said ‘services’ was memorable in the extreme, the colourful language, the lights, the beat box, his matching socks, there are no words…or photographs. No one needs to see that!


Wishing you love on this Valentines day

Toot toot x





14 thoughts on “Gelato tours and teeny Valentiny tiramisu

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  2. I love the way you describe the desserts, and how to make them, and your thoughts on them. Your containers are unique, too…might want to bustle down to the kitchen right now! Thank you. Thank you, too for liking my blog.

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