A swift Amaretti, Amaretto ice cream terrine for 12th Night- alright?



Swift Amaretti, Amaretto ice cream terrine from a faff free base for a happy new year to you from me.  Recently becoming my stable staple and a vehicle for much joy which has been a tad lacking of late.  


My absence from posts (though here are over a dozen waiting to be finished) concludes now, the time lapse, the aftermath, it would be wrong to be trite about the fall out from the ill health of others that we are close to.  




From sumptuous summer weather an interwoven foreverness of loss and gloom but with the new year there now comes a different light. In this instance a couple of young ladies I refer to them as my Kittens and they obviously approve as we have group messaging under the title of Kittens, who knew.




They are neither children or fully fledged adults, they are adorable Sisters aged 13 and 16 respectively. We have become as close as family, with their equally loved, parents and grandparents. “Family are the people you choose”insists their Mum. 




A steep learning curve about friendship groups? Support groups? Subjects discussed  over a recent supper varied from grapefruit knives, olive spoons, penguin hats, victimisation, and their perspicacity for Mrs Troutheads inability to teach, which I find utterly enchanting (some names have been changed.. yada).




Whilst we watch close chums torched by loss, flayed with cancer, the heartbreaking affects of dementia in particular. This young caring family (as nearby neighbours) to our friends have shone ever brighter and with modesty, totally under-the-radar discretion and pure loveliness. The chaos of the kittens has me on my toes and I’m a sucker for their joy. 





For your 12th night delectation, the vagaries of a recipe! Which should be achievable from where ever you are in the world, it is deliciously forgiving.

600ml of double/heavy cream whipped to ‘softish’ peaks. 1 small can of condensed milk roughly 400ml and (even more)roughly 500 ml of commercial custard.  Whizzed together they form a ‘seriously stable’ and effortless base which neither breaks the bank or ever fails to cheer the writer. No need to sweeten or for further concerns of tempering, splitting or curdling.  (that’s the base …not the writer)




Once treated to a serious glug of Amaretto liquor, and an itchy-twitch of pure almond essence, same of vanilla essence which sealed the flavour deal.  Gently layered on to Amaretti biscuits. My lob and dollop technique reigns eternal before freezing for which I used a loaf tin (wrapped in waxed paper).




3 layers of amaretti biscuits, and then the crumbs from the bottom on the jar were cascaded with a flourish (sprinkled over the top). Serve with chocolate coins, and a chocolate moose, no not mouse, not mousse, a moose!




…. biscuit anagrams notwithstanding! 




Their ice cream enthusiasm unquenchable /requirements/possibilities endless.

This is dedicated to the dear family who, without a second thought, turn up trumps when ever needed or maybe just because they might be able to help.  Happy Birthday to their much loved, plate spinning, multitasking Mum. A hug to their ” Oh let me do that for you ‘ Dad and oh so much more.

Lastly, this super quick post is to thank you for the absolute pleasure of your patience, kindness and company. I wish you a happy, healthy, safe and absolutely wonderful 2023 as I nip away and kick the very last of the festive decorations into a yet another box!


Toot toot x


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7 thoughts on “A swift Amaretti, Amaretto ice cream terrine for 12th Night- alright?

  1. An almond-lover’s delight! I’m thrilled that you are being taken care of so well (we all need some of that) and I want to assure you that you haven’t curdled yet! This recipe is a gem among your other thrillers. Be good, or if not, enjoy it all anyway. Happy 2023 to you and your family. I hope your Christmas was full of good people and good food <3Liz

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