I’m not ‘waisting’ that …a cheats chocolate ice cream gateau with maple syrup banana plateau



In an attempt to cheer, I did my (loosely) rehearsed standing on the spot and turning one way and then the other to a confused audience.  “Ahhh she’s self oscillating” and the other of wrapping myself in a big jolly cardigan? Self insulating… trite ? moi?




My mind remains a bagatelle of heartache and admiration. It swifts between Dickens It was the best of times and currently the worst of times. This is neither the time or place to be glib.

An utterly unexpected/awesome Mothers day lunch was wrangled with with great aplomb, hugely mindful of the do’s and dont’s. The sun shone wondrously, we were together and able to open the wall of glass doors to the outdoors and bask in the warmth of the sun, aka the absolutely treasured ‘best of times’.





We are under siege from the tiniest of enemies, (aka the worst of times) which warrants no further comment here other than to hunker down, chin up, remain stoic and consider fridge fallout.

Waistlines duly gilded in indulgence. Playful, happy, loving NHS’ers able to briefly step away before returning to the coalface for the foreseeable future.




That was almost 2 weeks ago and this, well this is someone looking at the view of refrigerated seismic v cataclysmic chaos.  One person left their much needed milk behind, (used that) another brought a tray of eggs (used them). One asked for bananas whilst I was shopping, also forgotten. I didn’t think a month of banana egg custard smoothies would cut the mustard. (We did, however, remember the plant for her recently deceased cat – garden grave – priorities please).




3 tubs of chocolate goo that was meant to cover a profiterole tower.  Half a slab of store bought ice cream (incase of emergency). Bag of supermarket spuds (and more than enough tired spring onions) – these will feature again. On and on it went.





The banana of all banana fixes followed since the ‘nana’s once braised in emollient maple syrup become the plateau for an ice cream gateau. The chocolaty mousse / ice cream, being the half slab of ice cream and the chocolatey goo combo, whizzed and slid into a silicone mould/cake pan over the braised bananas. Brownie bites, the end of a ginger cake (cubed) snuck in for good measure.


Whilst we are all encouraged to Lilo, this seemed an appropriate ‘float upon’.





So it’s gloves off!

Thinking that through, it’s very much gloves on isn’t it?




We will be intrepid in our usey-upsey endeavour and attempt a ‘pretty’ from the ‘bitty’ bits.

Frozen bits of banana, … wizzed as an ice cream .. err nope not this time!


This is a hug across the many miles,

I wish you safe and well, I wish you endless smiles.


Toot toot x


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20 thoughts on “I’m not ‘waisting’ that …a cheats chocolate ice cream gateau with maple syrup banana plateau

  1. This looks delicious! I’ve emptied the freezer down to the spot where I found 3 frozen bananas and you’ve inspired me to try something yummy, too. And I’ll eat it all myself in this lonely time. Stay well and keep up the inventions coming. Love this one! And love to you both, too.

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