Ice cream for breakfast? …. Marmalade ice cream for breakfast!



Breakfast has been long betrothed to ice cream, a long courtship that we no longer begrudge the time.

Being ‘confined to barracks’ for the saddest of circumstances can have its occasional ‘cupboard love’ plus points. The Tea Boy is treating every day as if it’s Sunday, though my everyday life hasn’t overly changed. As we live and lurk behind a huge yew hedge in the middle of nowhere.



Counselling legal counsel for the best part of 30 years gifts a vast bagatelle of mail, though rarely as endearing as this week.





Fog of grief, meets light relief.

Supporting a recently windowed (grief stricken) retired Judge, who advises me that he now has something of a new job as he so sweetly put it. Caring for two young rescue kittens, their owners are on 14 hour shifts on the front line in NHS intensive care where he lost his beloved wife. He had received a new golf putter instead of chocolate from (his late) Easter Bunny.  Now in contemplation and combination, putting kitty kibbles around the kitchen has brought a priceless distraction. He maintains the feeling of their little beating hearts, when they are on his lap, has brought unimaginable companionship to his wretched loss and isolation. As of today they are his, formally adopted and to remain in permanent residence.




Destiny’s child is 93

Im a survivor! I’m a survivor (what). I’m not gon’ give up (what). I’m not gon’ stop (what),.  I’m gon’ work harder (what).

A fun-loving grandchild had taken it upon herself to teach her Grandma the above, though her Destiny’s child is 93. This week they are working on an adaptation of the dance moves, sitting down being ‘Doh! rigueur’ (what). For their next (as and when) family get together, they are writing, and each will perform a family pantomime, in the style of Chineese whispers…what!




Granny Grans marmalade

One Great Granny of a heavily, pregnant Barrister ‘up-skirted’ herself (whilst trying to remove a celery leaf from her dentures) has newfound (hysterical) affection from her entire family, Over-the-net contact has given her a new lease of life. Since she wasn’t able to gift Easter Eggs to her family, she made them all batches of her home made marmalade, each jar exquisitely hand painted, dated and signed in her own fair hand. A lovely forever-treasure for all.

On and on it went. In the middle of this rotten hoo-ha, staying connected is gifting a much needed sense of normalcy, in some instances immeasurable fun and a whiff of fabulous connective chaos.




The Tea Boy loves marmalade, hence I’ve taken it upon myself to throw a figurative curved ball into the freezer for him, in truth before the dairy takes a nose dive though that can remain our secret.




Extricate and combine. Umm, most of a jar or marmalade, a similar quantity of condensed milk, more or less the same of mascarpone (or a light cream cheese) and whipping / pouring cream. Wallop the lot together and beat the bejabers out of it. Whipping adds volume and this is a no machine / soft serve. Stand mixer or a character building, bingo wing workout?


Into a suitable container, wrap, freeze over night, scoop, enjoy…. to the backing track of human purring noises in this instance.





Shown with torched fresh orange segments, on a buttermilk pancake, segments of fresh orange, a shake of icing sugar on a foil sheet, (which situated on marble slab unless you want to burn down your home) blow torch or hot grill.




This is part one of a twofer. The Tea Boys is mortified to not have more, thusly I shall return in a matter of days with part twofff.





Wishing you all safe and well, TTFN.

Toot toot  x




36 thoughts on “Ice cream for breakfast? …. Marmalade ice cream for breakfast!

  1. How can a post be so sad, refreshing and mind boggling – to follow all in less than about 1500 words? What a ride. And your breakfast looks devine. Have the little one names? Without reading twice, unsure if stories combine… Marmalade and NHS kittens. So if they do, suggest one be “Peaches” and the other “Marmalade” no matter the colouring. Thank you for your wonderful post!

  2. Tiramisu cake for breakfast, even better. Trust me. I’ve only had the cake in my fridge for less than 12 hours and already it’s half gone. I ate most of it. The male gender in my home do not care for it. Oh darn. I’m so sorry. Next time I’ll be sure to get a cake you really like. Not. heh heh.
    Ice cream for breakfast is good too. I’m thinking tiramisu cake plus ice cream is going to be great. What do you think about mixing the flavors of oranges and tiramisu though? Sounds like a great time consuming experiment for a person who is very bored today. I’ll let you know what the outcome of my experimentation is, unless I end up in a sugar coma.
    Here’s to wishing everyone’s blogs go VIRAL HA HA HA (ugh. boredom has gone to my head. Time to terrorize the dogs or shave the cats.)

  3. Never heard of this combo. So intrigued. Looks very yummy & refreshing. Kudos to the grandma who made and gifted with her hand signatures. God, she loves you all so dearly. Loved loved loved your pics

  4. We need video too. I do hope you are both well, and you are obviously having fun. Keep safe, You bring sunshine to our lives????????????????????????????when I see you both again. Chin up. I am gardening broken nails and wellies.,.

  5. I do love reading your posts and the stories in them. Both the kittens and granny gran made me smile. I love marmalade Icecream but have never thought to add mascarpone. I’m making this today. Thank you

  6. Oh, YUM! Orange marmalade is the perfect match for ice cream! A shot of healthy with that mascarpone. 😀 And pancakes are the crowning touch. Stay well. And Stay Home! ❤

  7. Enjoyed reading your thoughts thoroughly. Loved how the sweet kittens provided respite from grief.
    Never thought of marmalade in ice cream, but I’d grab a bowl! 😃
    Blessings to you across the pond.

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