A must do to, ice cream fondu




A cadence of decadence whist fondly fondling fondu forts, I mean thoughts of chocolatey goo, it’s time to commit, particularly as Valentiners may well need a little ice cream action?

You’ve lovingly observed your ‘treasured one’ (or indeed self) struggle from a hugely calorific December, to mercilessly abstemious January just to be launched back onto gleeful acceptance whence gifted chocolate.

To this end we crack on whilst coining the phrase …a little of what you fancy does you good.




For the awesome chocolatey fondue slosh… half a cup of caster sugar and the same of golden syrup, if you have some, a squeeze of corn syrup, gifts a lovely gloss and stops it setting (as if). In a pan gently heat, melt and swirl to combine before adding 50/80 ml(ish) of cream. Lower the heat and add 200g (I know you’ll nick a bit) of melted, decent quality, dark chocolate.




Stir to combine, emollient and only ready when you feel you want to bathe in it.

Thrilled that you only made a small quantity (shhh) you become concerned of the guttural feelings regards sharing/loving anyone that much? 

Adding a little splosh of Frangelico (hazelnut liqueur), Grand Marnier (orange liqueur) will, I doubt, disappoint. I often do this half way the proceedings to calm the ‘Oi! that’s mine’ argument.




Clear pots are dipping white chocolate and cream combination topped with dark cherry..… is that you making purring noises?

To prepare: Tiptoe to the freezer and with the aid of your trusted, albeit curmudgeonly melon baller, roll spheres of ice cream. No melon baller,  just roll teaspoonfuls in little dish, they aren’t going to last long after all.  Return them to the freezer in a lidded container to save you nicking more!




Shown: vanilla in freeze-dried raspberry, salted caramel in a nutty, digestive crumb, chocolate in some chocolate vermicelli. Tiptoe back to the freezer and replace what’s left!





Shedding the guilt and panic, raid the fridge/cupboards for Marshmallows, Cinder toffee/honeycomb, cherries, banana, churros, brownie bites, baba donuts, biscotti, flapjack bites, ratafia, small meringues, boudoir biscuit, cake cubes all the usual suspects and no one will know what you ate most of the ice cream ‘testers’.





Present the warm, molten, glossy, chocolatey goo in what ever, where, when ever and to whom ever the mood takes you. I’ve just popped it onto some little cast iron pots, and the ice cream bites … whoosh gone before I could take some photos.. naughty!

Swirly chocolate fondue (it’s so wrong its right).

An edible objet de vertu, with love from me to you, must dash, guests temporarily abandoned!

Now isn’t that true love?


toot toot x


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23 thoughts on “A must do to, ice cream fondu

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  2. What a presentation! Is Fondu and Fondue same? Another one question, generally Fondue made with Swiss Cheese but can it be made with Indian Cheese for the same name, Fondue or Fondu? Thank you for sharing this beautiful preparation.

  3. I think this is one of the prettiest blogs I’ve seen with the bright red and white!! So impressed!! And of course I adore anything with ice cream!! Thanks for looking into my blog/vlog. Please subscribe!! Thanks

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