The drop on Sgroppino. Venetian lemon gelato and prosecco cocktail.

Sgroppino al Limone ©  Sgroppino al Limone ©


Splicing optimism with an imaginative streak, this week one received a plethora of photos from a chum who is holidaying, (make that basking and bragging something wholesale) in Tuscany. She’ll get more than a stuffed focaccia up her Calzone when she gets back here! ‘Sienna tomorrow’ she lovingly taunts and then includes a picture of a cold bottle of 2006 Cristal (hardly a local tipple) with her snaps of Pisa and Lucca. “Oh and then Florence on Saturday, any thing you want”?  I replied “Gelato please?”  She, and her family, are treasured friends as you may, by now, have concluded?


There is, however, method in my madness. Such adhock occurrences inspire the Tea Boy, who in his wisdom, and genius self, said. “Maybe we could go there later in the year or take a villa?”  Well, (sharp intake of breath) would you Adam and Eve it? “That’s a great idea dear!”


Sgroppino al Limone ©  DSC_0568


It may seem corrupt but I pester my chums to send pictures so as our dearest Tea boy can have his magnifcats!  It beats the wits out of the gauping mindlessly through the Internet, particularly as they seemingly miss-mention that the hotel-of-your-dreams is near the corporation land fill site. Putting a whole new twist on the expression ‘fly by night’? Thusly, friends become holiday ambassadors.

We completely concur that a jolly to Italy is never a thing to be missed. So I intend to continue with my subtlety and start the whole proceedings with an oddly named cocktail, which I now lovingly share with a fair-few thousand inter-webby chums.


Sgroppino al Limone ©   xSgroppino al Limone ©


The name Sgroppino is from the Venetian Sgorpãre which means loosening or to loosen (verb). You know how keen I can be about verbiage and that ones fine education by Italian Nuns would come in handy? Not a jot…. one defaults to ones tomes.


Sgroppino al Limone ©  Sgroppino al Limone ©

Sgroppino al Limone ©  Sgroppino al Limone ©


Sgroppino al Limone, a whipped whaftation of Venetian, lemony, snowy delight. A cocktail, a digestif, a palette cleanser, a pre dessert ? Thirst quenching, holiday inspiring, it’s a boozy Italianate delight and it’s just to cool for school, well certainly my school. ” Fancy a small glass of Prosecco Mother Superior”? Light blue touch-paper and retire…….. as one would just before the fire works!

If you are following this path do consider an option made with cloudy lemonade as a kindly consideration for drivers, sophisticated youngsters, folk on medication or those who prefer not to indulge. A posh lemonade or similar will fulfil as a compliment and grand gesture without the tincture.


Sgroppino al Limone ©  Sgroppino al Limone ©


Limone sorbetto is just so refreshing, so delicate, dare I say Ventian. My first Sgroppino taken many years ago in Venice after taking the journey on the Orient Express, made with gelato back in the day dear ones, back in the day.

Firstly the granita or sorbet, which for most of us, sadly isn’t going to be made using Amafli lemons, more likely ‘Supermarket’, and there’s no fine reason why not. If my cajoling comes to fruition, there may well be a pilgrimage next year. ” Sorry M’am but you cannot put half a tonne of Lemons in the over head locker!”


Sgroppino al Limone ©  Sgroppino al Limone ©


Just be prepared for the contagion as this little Venetian number nudges the sublime and its simple pimple to make.

In rough proportion:

Limoncello  2-4 tables spoons depending on preference (you may use vodka if you drank all the Limoncello)

1/2 cup of lemon sorbet  (recipe shown) or if you are blessed to have some lemon gelato or lemon ice cream, just dive in and go for it!

1 cup of prosecco (or similar)

If using a blender, pulse the lot together then as it explodes all over the worktop and lemony magma transcends your machinery, wish you hadn’t. Alternatively go ‘old school’, hand-crank the sorbet and limoncello, whip them briefly together, trying to get some air into the mixture so as it becomes a slushy snow. There’s no need to phaph if you are pushed for time as similarly the lob-it-all in method will not disappoint. I have tried this using the options of lemon ice cream, lemon gelato and lemon sorbet and it was win, win, win every which way.


Sgroppino al Limone ©  Sgroppino al Limone ©


Delicately shovel it into gorgeous glasses and gently top with prosecco. However you combine the goodies, slowly pour over the prosecco until it reaches a luxurious bubbly decadence .


Sgroppino al Limone ©  Sgroppino al Limone ©

Sgroppino al Limone ©  Sgroppino al Limone ©


Maybe a little limoncello into the glass first for that innate, inner gasp of loveliness at the finish.

Dress the glass with a lemon skin twist before its quenchingly quaffed and swiftly devoured.

If basking in the summer sun had a flavour, this would be it.




shhh … gulp… guess who just dropped off a bag of gorgeous Italian lemons, best not mention the Calzone placement eh?

Sgroppino al Limone ©  Sgroppino al Limone ©

Toot toot x



30 thoughts on “The drop on Sgroppino. Venetian lemon gelato and prosecco cocktail.

  1. You’re killing me here! I read this, knowing my lovely neighbours are basking their buns in the Italian infrastructure. The lucky little ….

  2. Was just thinking of these with fond memories of an evening in Venice last October. Happy you liked my humble little Fruit Cobbler 😉

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by today 🙂
    I already love some of the recipes I’ve found around here, and your beautiful, colourful pictures as well! I happen to have a bottle of Limoncello hiding somewhere, and I will definitely try this one!


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