Golden Gazpacho Asbo

Golden Gazpacho Asbo ala beat box style.


Thinkin’ on gazpacho

Putttin’ on my poncho

A little bit a’fatso

But singin’ intermezzo


Partying tomorrow

Playin’ my piano

Make the soup in yellow

For ma local hero(s)


The sky is gonna shadow

The days are gonna narrow

The plants are gonna go go

In ten degrees below oh


For sure its gotta snow snow

Them balls we’re gonna throw

Santa’s gonna show show

He’ a groovy fellow


The recipe below oh

Is simple as I show oh

No cookin’ here, you follow?

So enjoy it m’Amigo


Fresh prints of Dull Hair – Smell check having predictive apoplexy again. Can’t imagine why?

I reveal how the devil indeed makes work for idle minds in my about page? This trite is the consequence of ‘check in 2 hours before you fly.’

Crossword swiftly nailed, ipaddy (a green cover) unable to get on to the net.  A buxom woman swathing her body in a poncho humming a gospel version of “Oh happy day” and three young lads practicing their echoing beat box routine inspired the above.  I feel it wins hands down over the embarrassment of Dad Dancing?


Before we left for Ireland I made a Fridge Raid Autumny Gazpacho, (it’s a FRAG man) which if we hadn’t devoured would have had been whizzed to a finer texture, a tablespoon or two of  liquid glucose added before finding itself in the freezer, to become a sensational savory sorbet. A genuinely moreish crowd pleaser, user-upper and diabetic lover too.

DSC_3289  DSC_3298

DSC_3282  DSC_3295

There are no rules with a fridge raid so I washed and halved golden baby plum tomatoes,  a few red too, just for good measure. Sliced some baby peppers, sliced scallions, a finely chopped shallot, finely chopped small stick of celery and fennel, elephant garlic, a skinned and deseeded cucumber, plenty of seasoning.

DSC_3296  DSC_3299

To do:

Prep veg/salad, combine in jug or bowl as shown and pour over a very decent glug of sherry or red wine vinegar, add the seasoning and I added about half a cup of respectable quality rapeseed oil. Combine and then leave to steep and macerate as you would if making a pickle or chutney. I popped a plate on top the jug shown and it sat in the fridge for 24 hours but over night is more typical.

Don’t drain away the liquid. Whizz the lot in a processor. I added more rapeseed oil for both taste, fluidity and stunning colour. This really turns up the volume on a cold soup.

golden gazpacho (copy 3)  DSC_3323

Make garnishes with a Parisienne scoop and score stray bits of vegetation with a sharp knife, leave in iced water to morph into garnish.

golden gazpacho (copy 2)  golden gazpacho

Serve with parmesan and tomato crumb sticks. The end of a tomato loaf of bread whizzed to crumbs and combined with parmesan on flat sheet (medium oven) for 5-8 minutes.

DSC_3348  DSC_3362

A punchy, feel good, ‘do you good’ soup, and best of all a ‘no phaph’ soup that can become a seriously savory sorbet for a muse-bouche or starter.  Sprinkle with drips of icy cold Vodka just before serving for a real wow!

Sadly the essential revealing of ‘rear trouser cleavage’ would bring an abrupt halt to ones naturally unhinged rapper career, but on the plus side there is space for a row of geraniums in terracotta pots, innit?


18 thoughts on “Golden Gazpacho Asbo

  1. I love it! The gazpacho looks radiant. And very tasty. I like the idea of a last touch vodka splash.
    Is that “the end of a tomato, loaf of bread. . .”? The crumb sticks look like a perfect accompaniament.

  2. So which seasonings do YOU use? I’m mostly a cumin, cholula, garlic type, but could use some new ideas.
    PS: Have you ever heard of a chutney made with swedes? I’ve eaten what someone said was it, but very (very)
    long ago and far away. Can’t remember much but it was good tasting.

  3. Simply sea salt and freshly ground black pepper – this is raw (including garlic flavoursome oils) and power pack full of luxe natural flavours and textures. Swedes are naturally sweet and make good texture in chutney. I’ll make a post for you ASAP. X

  4. What a fabulous, fun post! Beat-boxing and recipes… Who’d a thunk?
    This recipe also looks delicious…. definitely gonna have to raid my refrigerator and come up with something just as interesting!

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