Homity Pie ahhh squared (or elliptical)

Homity pie ahhh squared or oval elliptical ?

I write in praise of Cheddar Cheese with an ‘omage to ‘omity pie.

homity pie.3

Old fashioned it may be, veggie friendly it certainly is if you use an appropriate cheese.

Origins other than old English country fayre, I cannot comment further.

homity pie  homity pie.2

Cheese, leek and potato pie to the rest of us, a true Devonshire delight if ever there was. Links to land army girls during the war, but I am assured by locals that this sturdy meal is far older.

I short cut these in every possible way but always use good quality ingredients and rarely the same quantities.  Also make small quantities to serve with drinks as a canapé bites. Just make them in a little tart tins?

You will need:

Line individual deep dish pie tins with short crust pastry.

I use store-bought pastry for these ‘one stop – use that up’ pies.

150 g of diced good quality strong cheddar cheese.

We use Keens Cheddar, Montgomerys or indeed Mary Quickes extra mature for us.

Roughly ½ kg to 1kg cold boiled potatoes, chopped.

(I leave the skins on unless they are particularly thick)

2-3 leeks*

2-3 cloves of garlic*

2-3 onions*

Soft herbs as thyme, parsley, basil or dried if you prefer.

To do:

In a small jug: Add a splash of milk and mix into 1 lightly beaten egg to bind and shine the top of the pies.

Steam* in a microwave steam bag with a little butter and some s/p (about 3 mins on full ) Alternatively cook in half milk/water in a pan, on the hob, until just tender.

Once cool to the touch, chop and combine in a bowl with a knob of butter, the finely diced potato, season with salt pepper and few rasps of nutmeg.

Stir gently to combine and then add ⅔ of the cheese and soft herbs and fold through gently.

Crimp the edges of the pastry, lightly dome fill the pie cases and make a little slit and spoon in and over a small amount of the egg mix. Brush the edges of the pastry too so as they become golden and brown, then top with the remainder of the cheese.

homity pies

Pre bake, or part bake ( as shown) freeze in cling wrap to finish cooking another day or place in a preheated medium hot oven (about Gas 180/mark 6, 200/C fan or bottom right Aga). They can take 20-40 minutes depending on their size and your oven.

Serve at warm from the oven to at room temperature with a rustic salad.

Heritage tomatoes and parsley salad

heritage organic tomato for salad 5 heritage organic tomato for salad 3

hertiage tomato and parsley salald homity pie.4

Tip: Adding a teaspoon of cumin or garam masala to the mix rings the changes.

Use other cheeses and consider incorporating diced tomato and or other cooked veggies too?

I usually have one of two of these in the freezer not just for us but its a really useful back up for an unexpected vegetarian guests.


30 thoughts on “Homity Pie ahhh squared (or elliptical)

  1. The Mousetrap 
    May be the longest running theatre production in the Great Metrollops of London but decent strong Cheddar is colloquially known as Mouse Trap.   We live near to Cheddar, an unusual and unassuming place yet world renown for its product.  I hope you enjoy, after all a little truckle will make you more than chuckle. x

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  4. Oh my goodness! This looks SO delicious! Thanks for visiting my blog … and I am now in LOVE with yours. The pictures are so beautiful and your prose is elegant. As a novice blogger, your style is enviable. I can’t wait to have a lazy evening of perusing all your posts. Happy eating!

  5. Not being one of the proverbial sweet tooth, I was able to browse through the dessert recipes without drooling all over myself. But then…I clicked on the “savoury” category and drool I did, copiously, upon chancing on this recipe. I’m bookmarking the page because I absolutely must cook this beauty! Thank you for it and also for liking my latest post 🙂

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