Cranachan Can-can

Cranachan Can-can

Cranachan style ice cream sundae ©©

Ambiguous? Yes, to both Scotland and Montparnasse so purists please look away now. This is just my take using the familiar and versatile flavors of Cranachan. Luscious fruity raspberries with an earthy boozy surprise, set in a frilly flavoured semifreddo. A high energy Parisienne chorus for the taste buds with a lingering hint of Scottish bag pipes.

DSC_6035 (copy)

100 ml whipping cream

75g Mascapone

1   dessertspoonful of golden caster sugar

20g icing sugar

50g Scottish Heather honey, though any honey will be fine.

1  tablespoon of whisky to add to the cream as Version 1, or more if serving Version 2

Lightly toast the oats in the medium low preheated oven, turn the oats a couple of time to ensure they toast evenly, remove from the oven and then sprinkle immediately with a dessert spoon of golden caster sugar and set aside to cool and become crunchy.  Whip the cream to soft peak stage, add the whisky and icing sugar, then gently fold in the mascapone.  At this point process the creamy mix in an ice cream machine or serve as Version 1.

Version 1:  Spoon the creamy mixture into glasses in layers if you wish, starting with the cream mix then arrange a few raspberries to the edges of the glasses, sprinkle some of the sugar toasted oats a drizzle of honey and repeat.

Version 2:  Alternatively (as shown) put some of the almost set creamy mix into glasses and drizzle over some honey.  Make a small well in the creamy honey mix, (I use the end of the spoon) and carefully fill the little well with whisky. Pile on the raspberries and toasted crunchy oats and serve straight away….possibly with another wee dram.

Inspired by swift trip to Loch Lomond in June 2013.

DSC_1061 (copy)

Enjoy! x

6 thoughts on “Cranachan Can-can

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  2. This looks tasty but how much oats do you use? I can’t see them listed on the ingredients list. And would you mind if I featured this on my website next week as a #TastyTuesday recipe?

    • A dry caramel (roughly 1 cup white caster sugar in a pan to bronze, off the heat and stir in half a cup of whole oats… and yes by all means. I’ll re-gig it or make something comparable in the new year which addresses. Xxx

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