Blackberry Summer Pudding Cheesecakes

Simply a combination of two desserts using fresh seasonal berries.

Frozen Bramble syllabub ©

A quick and easy charismatic little puds to use seasonal berries, which can be made with Blackberries, Black currants, Logan berries, Tayberries, Raspberries or a mixture of all, a great use for the misshapen ones you simply couldn’t leave on the shrub.  Even canned fruits work well out of season.

Blackberry summer puds©

I haven’t given specific quantities – its just not that sort of recipe. Use what you have to hand:

Brioche, sliced white bread, Madeira or pound cake for the discs.

Make a mix of cream cheese/mascapone, adding a spritz and zest of lemon or lime, icing sugar to taste, maybe a little of the berry sauce with pulp from the fruit.

To make the sauce:

Briefly whizz or crush and mush the berries to obtain the juice and add sugar to taste, keeping some of the texture of the pulp for the soft centre.

The cheesecake layer:

Add the berry pulp to the cream cheese with lime or lemon and some icing sugar, the centre of the pudding needs a sharp note from the citrus.

Cut circles of sliced brioche with a cheffy ring if you have one, if not put an oversized piece of cling film in a glass and cut circles with that.

Immerse the brioche discs very briefly (and one at a time) into the sauce to soak up but not break down. Layer with the cream cheese mixture add a final layer of the dipped brioche.

Bramble ramble berry ice cream©

Tip: I usually make these one at a time and work in a cheffy ring but have also made them in stemmed glasses with a dash of Liqueur de Cassis at the bottom.

Work with what you have but the principal works for 1 or 2 or if you are catering for a larger party.  The little individual puddings store in the coldest part of the fridge to firm up for about 20 minutes, they will be well behaved for a few hours. They also freeze well.

Dress with a couple of fresh berries, a sprig of mint and finish with by raining a cloud of icing sugar from above.

Rocking pure summer joy in a very berry pud!



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