Goats cheese – a random old tart?

goat cheese tart 2

Sometimes there’s just a simple need for a cheesy fix.

I lay no claim to making the tart case, and frankly wish I could remember where I bought them.  They were short and crisp and an ideal vehicle for a decent slice of goats cheese, browned ( lower shelf in a medium oven) to the point of a sigh but not bubbling or collapsed.

Served on ‘fridge raid’ salad with a few seeds for texture, I added some braised figs that were cheered by their experience, having become a little lack luster. They are now over their abandonment issues.

Once the warm tarts were in place on their beds of salad.  They were swiftly criss-cross drizzled with a dark balsamic, which has to be used before it completely drips out of vogue and becomes so ‘last week Dharlings’. The other is  a drizzle of a sharp Raspberry dressing.

English Goat cheese tart

For the Raspberry dressing

To make the raspberry dressing, whizz about 10-15 raspberries in a little food processor ( or mash and push through a sieve and then pass the goop through a disposable cloth / muslin in the sieve to contain the pips etc.) . Combine the raspberry juice with 1-2 dessert spoons of cider vinegar and about the same of honey.   Start with one spoon of each and the taste the dressing, add the rest ( or not ) to adjust the sweet and sour notes to your liking.

Then just drizzle away.

Tip: Use the rest as a dipping sauce for tiny little bite size meringues as a pre dessert – yum!

Enjoy! x

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