A spiffing goat cheese dressing and the other Goat cheese tart

goat cheese dressing

This tart is the other old goat!

Once again a simple store-bought case with a round of a decent goat cheese, similar and simple to make as before ,

A fresh fig painted with maple syrup and then grilled adorns the top and this tart; which is served with oven roasted beetroot and walnuts. The semi hard goats cheese in the tart makes a perfect foil for the dressing which is made using a soft goat cheese as an emulsion.

In this instance, purists may wish to know that I used Vulscombe . An artisan cheese which is rich and creamy and comes from the Exe Valley in North Devon, UK.  The dressing is unexpectedly sweet and fruity yet works in good combination with the earthy sweet roasted beetroot and crunch of the warmed walnut halves.

fresh uncooked beeteroot

To make the dressing use a soft goats cheese

3 tbsp of Soft goat cheese

2 tbsp buttermilk, sour cream, or single cream and a little more lemon juice.

2 tbsp semi skimmed milk

1-2 tbsp cold water

a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice (add a little fine zest if you fancy?)

salt and pepper

In a bowl or mini processor, briefly whizz or whisk to combine all but the goats cheese.  Once combined add the soft cheese and mix to incorporate, if over worked it will thicken.

Taste the dressing and adjust to your palette with lemon if cloying or milk/water to thin the dressing.

hot goat cheese tart with roasted honey figs and a beetroot walnut salad with goat cheese dressing


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