Soft Goats Cheese Parfait

Soft Goats Cheese Parfait

I was gifted a large amount of soft and luxurious goat cheese a while ago (shown).  It was ripening at a rate of knots.  With minimal mythering I cobbled together ( fridge raid ) and made this.  I have made it many times since, latterly served a spoonful to melt over a hot veggie chilli. It’s delish!

Goat cheese salad with citrus dressing

150 g Soft Goats Cheese

50 g Goats Milk Yoghurt or fromage frais

100 g Double Cream

1 Free Range Egg Yolk ( optional but gives a smooth silky set )

1/2 teaspoon of raw finely grated shallot

pinch of salt and a few rasps of white pepper


Whip the cream to soft peaks and set it to one side.

Blend the goats cheese, egg yolk  (if using ) and goats yogurt along with a scant pinch salt until smooth.

Cut and fold the cream into the goat cheese mixture add the white pepper and check the seasoning, adjust to your taste.

Line a Swiss roll tin with backing parchment of cling film and then pour in the mixture and smooth with pallet knife.  Freeze, after a minimum of 12 hours remove from the freezer and cut in to squares or shapes or suit your dish. I  used some random scrapings for the dish shown below, it just melts in the mouth.

warm beetroot golden and red goats cheese parfait

Serve little teaspoons of the chilly soft goats cheese parfait with warm roasted fresh beetroots and a citrussy dressing as a favour some starter.

Enjoy! x

10 thoughts on “Soft Goats Cheese Parfait

  1. I see more things in the salad that I am missing in your recipe. What are those shoots you have on the photo? And the salad leaves? Also something black, are they olives. Please do share, it looks delicious

    • From what I can see, raddichio, cucumber shards, black olives, a red onion, red peppers I keep them in Olive oil, random bag of salad leaves (likely), slices of orange and the juice mixed with some oil from the peppers s/p as a dressing. The shoots are good old fashion mustard cress, pennies from the supermarket but cut long rather than short as i.e. egg and cress sandwiches. Use what ever you have lurking seasonally there is no recipe in truth its just a fridge raid. With every good wish xxx

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