Americano Frappé with coffee iced cream

Americano Frappé with coffee iced cream

Very continental and refreshing. Where day drinks turn in to night .


To make the Iced coffee:

However you brew your coffee, be it instant, cafetière or phaphed and brewed to your particular requirement.  Just don’t discard the rest of the pot, place it in the fridge to chill.

Place 3 cups of cold black coffee in a food processor with an equal amount of ice and 1 teaspoon of sugar, add more if you take sugar.

I place a cloth over my processor just in case…

Whizz in blasts to start with and then process for about 1 minute.

Pour the seriously aerated coffee to half fill your serving glasses and drop in scoops of coffee ice cream

Serve straight away.


Tip: for a grown up version add a shot of Kahula or Tia Maria


Espresso Martini anyone?

2 oz Kahlua

1 oz Vodka

1 oz espresso coffee

Shake over ice and swerve in a partini glass ( hic) alternatively serve in chilled martini glasses?

Enjoy! x

11 thoughts on “Americano Frappé with coffee iced cream

  1. Love the coffee ice cream idea. Em makes her iced coffee with instant coffee, sugar, medium cream, milk and ice. It’s a fast and tasty one for just-at-home-hanging-out.

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