Taking the pith = The Orange Zesty stuff

Just a little aid memoire post as a new bloggy chum M’am Doledrum jerked my idling brain into recalling just how many ways we  can harness the goodness, flavour and nutrients before discarding the humble orange wrapping.

cretian yoghurt with preserved orange peel

The skin of orange briefly brought to a boil and left to soften in floral honey syrup and served with fresh Greek yoghurt, is a delight.

Zest of orange syrup  Candied orange spirals

The pix are mostly self-explanatory, a zest, a syrup, a sugary twist are all relatively simple stuff.

Satsuma, clementine, tangerine or similar zest added to a dry caramel, encourage the adequate to become extraordinarily festive.

clementines for arancello zest© www.inspiredcompany.com© www.ice-cream-magazine.com  orange crepe with cointreau © www.inspiredcompany.com© www.ice-cream-magazine.com

These were just sitting in an archive file and are quite disjointed but this ‘segment’ may just inspire you too …

Enjoy! x

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