Crystalised Orange peel

Drag that must have cannel cutter from the back of the drawer, or just use the one on your flat peeler as its time to make use of seductive orange oils and utilise a much abandoned ambrosial sugary treat.

Simply spiral cut the orange skin,  leaving as much of the bitter pith as possible.  The zest will spritz and fill the air with its fragrant oil so I often do this in a poly bag, I then scatter caster sugar and rub the oils into the sugar before placing the lengths of peel in a jar and top with caster sugar.  Turn gently so as the sugar and spiraling peel become well acquainted, ready to use within 24 hours and lasts for months in an airtight jar.

It’s a fabulous use for potentially discarded orange peel before juicing or prepping orange segments.

orange and orange tart2©

Its stunning simply piled on top of a citrus drizzle or cheese cake.

Stacked with caramelised nuts to dress a rich fruity Christmas cake.

I replace some of the sugar in Madelines, icing and pancake batters from time to time

Chopped and incorporated as an ingredient,  it’s sweeter than candied peel and offers good texture.

The sugar is delightful to edge the rims of cocktail glasses…think Buck’s Fizz as a minimum and lasts for months.

Seems a such a shame to waste it eh?

Enjoy! x

11 thoughts on “Crystalised Orange peel

  1. if you haven’t got a cannel cutter/or you want to do this with softer peel like mandarin or tangerine, peel your fruit and then grate the INSIDE on a fine rounded grater (like those little parmesan ones or the fine side of a box grater) to get rid of all the white pith

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  3. If my understanding is correct, you take off the outer most rind, coat in fine sugar for 24 hours. Store in air tight container for months in pantry.

    Sometimes I can be a bit of a dummy 🙂

    • Thank You so much 🙂
      I just wanted to be sure I had it correct, it seemed too easy to be true.
      I have not come across any that match in similarity anything I have found instructions were to boil and rinse, boil and rinse…

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