Bellini sorbet with Butterfly kissed summer fresh english garden herbs


Bellini floatant with Butterfly kissed summer fresh english garden herbs

Bella Bellini granita decorated with tiny little marjoram flowers that were danced upon by a butterfly in the warmth of the evening sun wafting the fragrance of summer herbs and flowers. A rare English summer, where rambling flora and fauna sway in an evening breeze – Dont shout Im only trying to set the scene …..but do try my English country garden Bellini Floatante .

An original cool fragrant Bellini, originally set in a Venetian sunset, just imagine Harry’s Bar in the 1930’s more commonly for me in an English Country Garden. I’m a lucky girl having enjoyed  both. The latter more frequently, she blushes to colour match the Bellini.

The cocktail, the Meanie and the floatante.  Just have to go for it this year , last year the whole area was flooded  and many were under three feet of water!

So peaches turn up, this year, and are warmly welcomed like long-lost friends

Doughnut peach ice cream    peach©

Summer soft, warm, furry little peaches willingly yield their flesh and juice to a Bellini, and I do urge you to try a frozen version as a pud or as part of the trio shown below. Doughnut ( or donut in txt spk) or Saturn peaches are becoming all the rage apparently?  A bit of a squidged Shar Pei of a peach to the eye, easier to unweld from the stone too.  A peach of a peach, your choice will no doubt depend of ripeness and availability and your choice of prosseco should be the same in this instance, sweet or dry to suit your budget and palette.

Now proper peaches dont despair you are not forgotten we love you and used you for this shoot!

DSC_1739    DSC_1741

Plunge into boiling water for a few seconds they are happy enough for you to shed their fluffy little over coats with little coaxing after that.

Bellini Cocktail

DSC_1746    DSC_1751

by proportion:-

2 oz  Peach juice or puree

4 oz Champagne

Pour the fizz over the muddled ripe peach puree or peach juice, personally I couldn’t waste the good stuff on this and a prosecco somehow seems more appropriate.

For a non alcoholic version use Elderflower bubbly, Canada dry or Ginger ale add a splash of Angostura bitters for a very grown up drink, and a kind consideration for post party drivers.

English Bellini or Bellini Meanie

2 oz of Peach juice or puree

4 oz Sparkling Cider ( or Pear Perry )

Pour the fizz as above.

Bellini Floatant

Bellini sorbet cubes

Having made the puree it’s easily store in ice-cube trays, you can add a fresh raspberry for decadence and colour. Dip the edges of your glasses into egg white and then caster sugar the edges (dip and decorate with tiny edible flowers) of  crystal champagne coupes and place in the fridge to chill.

DSC_1743     bellini sorbet in glass

bellini sorbet prosecco pour      bellini sorbet 3

The glass will appear frosted when removed. 2/3rd fill with a well chilled Prosecco, add a cube of  frozen puree and serve to the delight of your guests.

bellini sorbet prosecco pour     bellini sorbet prosecco 2

bellini sorbet 9     bellini sobet 7

The sweet fragrant sugary edges, nibbly herby flowers, ripe peaches and bubbles add a cosmopolitan name.

Hello Summer! x

Enjoy! x

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