Coconut frozen dessert? … simply coconut to the rescue



Spring is on its way.  Focus forward. Spring is on its way…. Three mega storms later, and too many goings on to weld into here. Spring was indeed on its way. Repeated mantra had the desired affect. It worked, but the months have seemingly trickled away. New mantra Summer is on its way.( I know … pathetic)

We lost huge trees during the first storms and that was code for kindly folk turning up to help but then staying for breakfast, and then ‘lunch’ and ahem … ‘drinks’?

Pots of coffee for the, by then, hungry ‘helper’s. Waffles, brûlée’d bananas, cascaded with nuts, welded in place with caramel sauce, over dollops of coconut ice creamy stuff. Which cut the figurative the mustard.





Loosely ….  Equal measures heavy/double cream cream whizzed together with roughly the same of coconut milk. I had 2 cans of coconut milk and roughly the same in tubs of chilled double cream. Sweeten to suit, add desiccated coconut if you like. I also trickled in some corn syrup, but then used icing sugar in other batches.

Lessen or up the volume proportionately to suit your needs. Small quantity or double for a rampage of ‘guests’ like mine!  

After a few test batches and to finesse a smooth set, adding a couple of dessert spoons of (room temperature) coconut oil, provided a luxe smoothness and elegant set. The above became batch one


The helpers, re-plonked themselves (after extensive nodding conflabs) at our big old kitchen table so there became a need for ‘lunch’. Hacking up butternut squash, frozen shallots, Thai green curry paste, a couple cans of coconut milk, and a dollop of veggie stock became a swift soup for all, including the veggie lot.






Eyebrows just hit my hairline, The Tea Boy mentioned (repeatedly) the TV featuring an oozing cheese and onion toasted sandwich. (Hint)  Well, I had nothing else to do except open a field kitchen eh?




Then of course pudding?  A store bought sweet pastry case, lemon curd (store bought) end of the lime curd (hand cranked at home), toasted coconut, zest of anything that looked vaugely zest-able. A 4 egg white – 250g of white caster sugar meringue that I only just caught whilst ’twas bronzing in the oven, due to “interruptions”. Not, however, for veggie chums… ummm?

Then in all its purity and sparkly glory. Lurking in the ice cream freezer.  The last choir of coconut

A jolly decent glug of white rum and some corn syrup headed into this batch, for a taunting Caribbean vibe.  Adding a small amount of proper vanilla paste, and a tiny pinch of salt during the whizzy, whizzing and you’re good to go. Once whizzed together pour into appropriate freezer containers to set. It doesn’t need an ice cream machine.




Note: if once frozen it hasn’t worked for you. Simply allow to defrost and add something you have to make it more creamy or indeed, thin the mix (rum) and reset. Alternatively head towards the cocktail shaker!


Soft dolloping consistency (technical term) and flopped it into the shells that were supposed to be as bird feeders. (Snuck them into the dishwasher a couple of times without the Tea Boy seeing and have been reusing them for ages, fingers crossed my secret is safe with you)
Coconut shells duly filled and covered with wrap (or ex-hotel shower caps for me) said appropriate freezer containers saved the day.


The swiftest pineapple, mint, lime and rum salsa dressed the shells and a sprinkle of coconut to ‘garnish’ 




Light, bright, lush and creamy! Which reminds me…. 
The welcome return of the Tea Boy sporting another, nice, new knee. Whizz whizz. robotic surgery, boom, done. 6k a day (according to my phone) and I didn’t leave the house!  “Yes dearest… on my way my treasure”.  2-3 weeks later he’s back on his trusty steed (lawnmower) whizzing around the mown pathways whilst showering the cat, the rest of world and her auntie in grass cuttings and apple blossom.


Hope this finds you well and happy too.  


Toot toot x



2 thoughts on “Coconut frozen dessert? … simply coconut to the rescue

  1. Hahaha! You just got buffed! What a day! And what a wonderful set of delicious meals you whipped up for all those helpful folks! Well done, my dear!

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