2020 b’twixmas ice creams



The trees went up on the first of December,

seems so long ago, I can hardly remember





Yes they are real, from a nice local grower,

my friend brought them down, as I’d asked on the blower.




Festive friendly fodder, we ate much and plenty

and now for the use ups to greet 2020.




The cranberry sauce became a nice sorbet,

with clementine, sloe gin, brought joy to a buffet.






The chestnuts whizzed down with caramel and cream,

swiftly became an impressive ice cream.




A mince pie meringue thing that couldn’t be bettered,

tasted divine ……and was simply endeavoured.




Left over brussels in a bloomin’ great fry up.

The brie-bready thingy, an absolute riot




An hour or so tucked up in my sauna.

(it seats 3-4, it’s tucked in a corner)


The warmth and the quiet started me thinking,

it’s been quite a while, post twinkling, an inkling?




To whizz up a post, and sent hugs and smiles,

a real heartfelt thank you, across all the miles.



If I lob together these few bits and pieces

I might well included a few ice cream kisses


The sorbet, the ice creams, a bit of a wheeze,

will be done again because of their ease.


A happy new year, wish you joy, wish you plenty

And every thing good for the years’ 2020.


Toot toot



© www.ice-cream-magazine.com

18 thoughts on “2020 b’twixmas ice creams

  1. Your decor is delightful and ambitious! You must love the season. Yummy ideas for Christmas fixin’s. Happy New Year to you and the ‘Tea Boy’.

  2. Turning mince pie to meringue — now that’s a fun piece of leftover artistry! Nice to see you pop up on my latest blog post, which reminded me I hadn’t been here for a while. I always enjoy browsing your delightful photos and creative confections. Best wishes for a very happy new year!

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