Chocolate platter and a chocolate pancake stack

I’m not adverse to a crepe Suzette here and there, mostly there as they seemingly slide south to ones hips, adding both unnecessary bulk and comparable texture! White sitting on  ones gastronomic assets I’m coming out ….. as a lemon a sugar type of girl, which can be considered both dull and repetitious, sadly not by me. A chum came for lunch so I deployed the home-made chocolate pancakes that I make and then store in the freezer.

The chocolate ‘doings’ came to mind for a mixed platter of chocolatey curiosities, which were served with good coffee, good conversation, (cannon fire witticisms) to even better company.


chocolate pancake flowers ©  chocolate pancake stack ©


To make the chocolate pancakes

Please use your standard batter, yes, use your own recipe, store-bought pack or what ever, as I find this can cause untold grief with the ‘free-frommers’ and ‘but this is the way my Granny makes it’ brigade.  Then simply add a tables spoon of your finest quality cocoa powder to about a quarter of a cup of basic batter and stir to combine completely, return this to the bulk of your mixture, hence tempering the mix. Make a test pancake to see if the flavour and texture works. Is it chocolatey enough for your taste? In this instance mine wasn’t so I repeated the process.


chocolate pancake flowers ©  chocolate pancake flowers ©

DSC_2424chocolate pancake flowers ©  chocolate pancake flowers ©


Temper temper, if you will?  If we are ‘going chocolate’, we are seriously ‘going chocolate’! Note: only include a small amount of sugar to your batter, if using, as it is inclined to burn.

The crepe / pancake mix is then made into said pancakes, the shapes are cut prior to freezing. Store between sheets of baking paper in a poly bag.


chocolate pancake flowers ©  DSC_2429chocolate pancake flowers ©

chocolate pancake flowers ©  chocolate pancake flowers ©

chocolate pancake flowers ©  chocolate pancake flowers ©


Of course they can be left plain and served with a warm chocolate sauce and some cream or ice cream, but as ever, I have to fiddle about with them and hence they have become ‘chocolate flowers’.

As mentioned a colleague came for lunch earlier and I used some as part of dessert:  Home-made macaron were placed in a store-bought chocolate cup, welded with a smear of agave syrup to a defrosted pancake.


DSC_2542  DSC_2457

DSC_2463  DSC_2462


Home made strong coffee ice cream had some melted dark chocolate and fresh vanilla seeds included within the mix, served with a few chocolate covered coffee beans.


DSC_2467   DSC_2474

DSC_2482   DSC_2476

DSC_2497   DSC_2503

DSC_2517   chocolate pancake stack ©


The liquid in the little jugs is a combination of strong espresso with a little splash of white chocolate liqueur.

The wafer sliced and then iced (store-bought).


DSC_2524  DSC_2523

DSC_2529  DSC_2531


The Tea Boy just had a mini-stack of the pancakes (with the strong coffee ice cream) as we will be having the full on lemon and sugar ones a little later.

All that remains is for me to wish you a very happy pancake day!

Toot toot







62 thoughts on “Chocolate platter and a chocolate pancake stack

  1. Reblogged this on Amateur Germanologist and commented:
    Good Shrove Tuesday to you all!
    The season of Lent begins tomorrow thus indulging today. I follow ice-cream magazine because, well…. ice cream. So when this popped up in the news feed this morning I just had to share. There is something very European about the way this dessert plate is set up, though nothing particularly “Geman” about it. I have to say though, when it comes to dark chocolate the German palate seems unable to resist the deep rich flavor. I know I can’t! I also have a hard time resisting gadgets so now I have to go find myself a pancake maker with a pattern in it so I can cut flowers and make a big gooey mess for breakfast someday.

  2. This is amazing. So amazing I reblogged it on my own page. Just one thing… where did you get the pancake making gadget? I’ve got all the cookie cutter I will ever need. But now I need that gizmo!

  3. Glorious! I will definitely try making my regular pancakes into chocolate ones next time I make them. Of course, I haven’t seen this post until Ash Wednesday, so can’t do it tonight! Thank you for the creative ideas. 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on midwest living on a dime and commented:
    regular pancakes? with cocoa added and a little sugar. cookie cutter to make the shapes, and can freeze them easily in little space. add ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. what an awesome treat at a good price that looks expensive. love the homemade coffee ice cream idea as well!

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