Summer Pudding Ice Cream Cake

summer pudding ice cream cake  ©  summer pudding ice cream cake  ©

The Tea Boy is particularly partial to summer pudding.  Here, a summer pudding ice cream cake proves much of why I have the disposition and variant issues of never cooking the same thing twice (necessity being the mama of pretension or similar).

This grew from a moment of madness, (not an isolated incident) whereupon a toppling bottle of raspberry balsamic was skilfully caught, I might add, though the top fell and smashed with wreck-less aplomb.


summer pudding ice cream cake  ©  summer pudding ice cream cake  ©

Effortlessly decanted into a cheffy bottle it took its place in the fridge with a regimental alignment of must-makes:- A basil oil, a pretty floral syrup remaining from a mission to explore kadifi and baklava, a delicious lemon béarnaise, the dregs of which were just too yummy to discard.  The last bottle contained something tomato based which had grown a fur coat to stay warm in the chilly fridge,  it was very 70’s B movie but a tad more scary, Oh no, out you go!


summer pudding ice cream cake  © summer pudding ice cream cake  ©


The now cleaned B movie bottle, tidied balsamic and a cerise wobbly mould were being returned to their cupboard of residence when a momentary lapse occurred.  It’s such a jolly silicone mould and is highly trained too. Nothing sticks to it, it bounces and boings rather than shatters and has many compatriots in the Silly cupboard (silicone to others)

The fine point of the screw top, cheffy bottle found me chasing the pattern in fruity balsamic. Like a child with a new toy it was hugely cathartic. Useless but cathartic, it amused the writer immeasurably with its mindlesness and globby dobby pattern which refused to do as its told. We all know people like that too eh? And as if on cue, the Tea Boy walked into the kitchen. “Whats that, it looks fascinating?”  The unaccommodating ground refused to swoop me up.

“Err Paisley” say I before thinking (not a rarity).

“Paisley, Ahh, Persian origins” No point in trying to blind him with science he’s despicably clever and knowledgeable.  One mentally flounders and then is swiftly inspired to bluff. Look up, smile, nod and carry on.


summer pudding ice cream cake  ©  summer pudding ice cream cake  ©


“It’s very decorative, around since 200AD quite amorphous isn’t it? Said he. Thinks: Amorphous – where the dickens did that come from? On he troughs about Jaquard whilst I punish and rack my now blistered brain.

Just as I felt on a slightly safer footing, he unwittingly played his ace.

“What’s it for?”   Many will read this and nod knowingly.  “It’s a surprise.”  Many more will appreciate how easy it is to use that old chestnut, shoot yourself in the foot and commit to an unanticipated afternoon of cooking or indeed far worse.

“Oh great I look forward to that then.” The idiot then says. “What makes you think it’s for you?”  “Ha Ha, it’s a summer pudding.” Said he as he tootled off.  An audible sigh of relief. Thinks: “Great idea, summer pudding yay!”


summer pudding ice cream cake  ©  summer pudding ice cream cake  ©


Blessed be the day I chose to rush around the garden like a lunatic in a downpour to harvest and freeze all the berries and brambles the day before the guys came to nuke the gardens, at the end of last year.

First layer: Berries and marscarpone whizzed with some agave, push through a sieve to remove seeds, taste, sweeten, taste again and again. Stop tasting!

Gently pour over balsamic globules and freeze.  Conjure some nonsensical twaddle about a work in progress of said surprise and live to fight another day.


summer pudding ice cream cake  ©  summer pudding ice cream cake  ©

summer pudding ice cream cake  ©  summer pudding ice cream cake  ©


Second layer: Take slices of brioche and douse them with some raspberry liqueur. (all together now ‘from last Christmases hamper from hell’).  Alcohol doesn’t freeze. Fingers are crossed.


summer pudding ice cream cake  ©  summer pudding ice cream cake  ©


Layer three: Every berry, cherry and currant that I could find remaining from last years impromptu harvest is then poured into the, larger than I had considered, wobbly cake pan.

Some good quality store-bought custard ( the aim is to get it into the food processor rather than all over the outside, see pic) with a pack of ‘fruits of the forest or summer fruits’ which found themselves tripping the light fantastic, whizzed, de pipped and sloshed over the top of said fruits, and whipped back into the freezer. Coincidentally, it happened to be the day before some chums were coming round for an alfresco supper.


summer pudding ice cream cake  ©  summer pudding ice cream cake  ©


In brevity, store bought frozen or canned berries, same of custard, a sliced brioche and drop of booze are all that’s needed to make an easy, less arduous version. A loaf tin with boozy brioche will do the trick with layers of berries and softened ice cream.


summer pudding ice cream cake  ©  summer pudding ice cream cake  ©


Juggling the well-regarded basics, a few fibs and raw materials led to this ‘frozen party variation’ which I’m confident will morph ever further over the years.  The Tea Boy was so thrilled with his ‘surprise’ too. (Gulp)





34 thoughts on “Summer Pudding Ice Cream Cake

  1. Looks lovely.. I love the use of the berries – lovely this time of year and we have to make the best of the short season. I made a raspberry parfait which will be on my blog soon so do check it out. All the best D

  2. This looks delicious!
    Thanks for liking my post and visiting my blog 🙂
    I actually just made coffee ice cream for the first time the other day. I used the NY times Melissa Clark recipe and it seemed to turn out good! I’m wondering though what your thoughts are about ice cream made with egg yolks versus ice cream without them.

    • A ‘pâte à bombe’ is the classic base which uses a 121 degree sugar syrup over egg yolks. I think its a matter of personal preference and situation in truth. I’m more a mix it up, try this, can you use that? Gungo ho have a go, ice cream opportunist (one who takes selfish advantage of circumstances – with little regard for principles) I just shake it up here and there and then try to add a bit of care and share? xxx

  3. I am filing this recipe for summer. It is mid-winter here and we’ll be going skiing soon so am more in Hot Chocolate mode at the moment but this really does look scrumptious! xx Rowena

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