Serendipitous Blueberry Froyo Brain Freeze

Ruminative waffle. Much of my ‘work’ is fortunately back-lit by humour. Daily discourse with smart, savvy, warm and witty people who are mostly in need of some joined-up-thinking.  Some are quite buttoned up, whereas others aspire toward the risqué with waspish intensity. Vicissitudes voiced in the wilderness of obviousness (you heard it here first). So often, as we give lip service to a concern, we find sense during our own narrative and resolve swiftly follows.


With this as reassurance……

I was conversing with the contents of the fridge. Joining the every day natter between ingredients and their across-the-board qualities, nothing weird you understand?

“We are already a serious item” said the blueberries and lime

“I will not countenance such goings on in here.” I declare in my clipped 1950’s BBC style English elocution.

“Just lighten up’.” Said the cool creme fraiche?

“Blueberries, fresh lime, Greek yoghurt, creme fraiche” my retort. “Let’s be honest fellas, it’s not new and I choak on ‘re-worked, re-envisioned, reconsidered, re-enlivened tosh.”

“It will be like a depth charge to the arteries, puckering them into a workout with the lack of sugar and fat?” Said a cheery Chorizo.  ‘Absolument!’ Interceded a skinny French trimmed rack of lamb and with that a veritable, verbal vegetable riot ensued. The door alarm started beeping loudly, as if a referee, or maybe at being left open for too long in my daydream.  I just shut them in to sort themselves out.  It’s Fridge Raid Monday – Yay!  My master chef-esque mystery / misery / ice box challenge.

DSC_5747  DSC_5745

Zest of 1-2 limes or lemons over fresh or frozen blueberries swiftly followed by their juice.

Half a cup of lavender sugar and decent squidge of local lavender honey, ordinary sugar and honey will be fine, but this is why I nagged you to make some lavender sugar last summer, layers of flavour and no effort? Return the sweet and sharp flavoured fruits to the freezer to macerate, infuse and meld in its ‘love in’.  Note:  This is such a useful pudding should unexpected guests arrive.

greek yoghurt  DSC_5982

The only yoghurt I prefer to use to set in the style of ice cream is Greek. No wishy-washy Yo here, particularly as it sets like a brick, is less tart and lacks oomph. Such an elegant and exquisite technical culinary expression. The skinny thin stuff makes fabulous ice lollies or popsicles. Go Greek style and Zero for this one and sweeten to your preference.

DSC_5989  DSC_5995

DSC_6000 DSC_6001

Combine the sweetened, sharpened, frozen fruits, with the dairy in a food processor. Whizz, taste and adjust to personal requirement.  I prefer a little texture of fruit, so just stop the whizzing business when it suits. Job done!

Serve immediately.

DSC_6003  DSC_6002

The other option shown is slight variation. A combination of equal quantities of frozen blueberries and greek yoghurt, squidge of honey, a drop of vanilla extract, tiny pinch of salt, lime juice (and zest), a dash of Cassis, I also included a dash of violet liqueur in this instance, from a miniature included in a Christmas hamper. The taste was wonderful and colour became exceptional as you can see.

DSC_5996  DSC_5997

Whizz in a processor or blender, serve immediately for a yummy healthy soft serve frozen dessert or return to the freezer.

DSC_6007  DSC_6012

DSC_6006  DSC_6014

Store in a suitable freezer tub or as shown in disposable champagne flutes.  Serve from same or maybe get a little creative on the plate with freeze dried raspberries, fresh blueberries, edible flowers and petals.

DSC_6038  DSC_6040




43 thoughts on “Serendipitous Blueberry Froyo Brain Freeze

  1. Beautiful, and yes I do the same, look into my “mystery box” for my next inspiration! I loooove masterchef Australia! Btw a question about lavender sugar, do you actually use the lavender in the sugar or do you separate it, and if so how?…it’s just I have some and I’m not sure how to use it!

  2. I just wanted to tell you that your site is beautiful. I am just starting out and trying to remember not to just take hasty shots with my camera phone, so your photos are an inspiration to me. I keep coming back to this particular post because the presentation is just stunning. Thank you!

  3. Hi Panz,

    This looks breathtakingly beautiful! I know what I will be making for a treat this weekend… this delicious yoghurty blueberry delight!

    Perhaps you could consider being a guest blogger on my site? This recipe would be perfect as it seems very manageable for kids to make with their parents, not to mention it is packed with antioxidants and only the good stuff 🙂

    I look forward to hearing back from you,
    All the best.
    Leah xx

  4. Ahhhh!……so refreshing, creative and healthy. Love blueberries…my faves! Have some in the freezer; will be attempting to do something with them soon. Thanks for sharing.
    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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