Champange currants – the sequel ( hic )

champagne currant 5

Last week I shared my tiara and recipe ( if you can call it that ) and Princess-esque adventures.

There was a little grrr-ing going on and a bucket load of laughter.

Those of you who were paying attention will have noted that our foot wear didn’t become glass. No tiaras were harmed in the making of our laughter.  I may, however, have fallen on my …… well lets just say it rhymes with glass.

Whilst on Market parade this week, I am confronted with a tray bearing fruit,  you’ve guessed it Champagne currants. The hilarity picked up from whence it left off. The dear little old lady, my fellow Princess,  was there with her friend.  Guessing that the chum may have considered her to be ever-so-slightly off her rocker as she regaled the hilarity, they turned up mob handed for more.

The second batch of Champagne Currants are unregally substandard since they didn’t come from the nearby Castle.  A mere cutting grown from the original apparently now fills the edges of a local allotment and no one knows what to do with them.  They are full of seeds and they have brown bottoms, I was told by the small crowd that had high hopes of witnessing more banter and repartee.

I’ll be honest I groaned under the weight of the currants and shopping and found myself muttering like my late Mother.  What the heck am I going to do with this lot yadda yadda …… ping!  Light bulb moment!

Once home and washed I heaved them into a large pan, with a spritz of lime,  a cup of water. On went the lid, on went the hob, on went the kettle, off came my shoes, not a shard of glass in sight..

champagne currant 1

Is it just me or is a cup of tea the cure?  ( or coffee if that’s your poison – I love both )

8-10 minutes passed and the seedy critters were yawning their juice, and the yield was impressive.

champagne currant 2

Through the sieving system a and b, they are not attractive eh?

champagne currant 3

I returned the liquid to a pan to reduce, rapid boil.? Nope not a chance of a set.  Grr!

I have frozen some and retain a bottle of pretty pink …. sweet, liquidy stuff!  It had reduced and I had having left the crud in situ for considerably longer and achieved the colour.

champagne currant 9

Taste test No 3,506. Now its yummy, peach nectar in colour and quite similar in taste.

Ping! Ping! Ping!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you a :-

Champagne currant sorbet for a princess goup Cocktail!

Next, suffice to say:

champagne currant 6

2/3 CCSFAPG ( Champagne currant sorbet for a princess goup)

1/3 Bombay Sapphire

Shaken over ice!

CCSFAPG Gin Cocktail

Catchy name isn’t it?

No?  Ok, Ill think of another.

Better still you think of another!  See, I can get quite lairy when I’ve had a sharpener!


champagne currant 7

CCSFAPG English Vodka Cocktail

1/2  CCSFAPG (Champagne currant sorbet for a princess goup)

1/2 Vodka, I used English Vodka Element 29

Shaken over ice,  also know as,  known as a … well I’m sure I had another name but can’t remember it for the life of me! ( hic)

Cheers m’dears!





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