Seriously Scoffable Banoffee

Seriously Scoffable Banoffee


I find Banoffee’ists can be territorial but this is a bit of a fail safe to the most discerning and determined.

Sometimes you need a little luxx, and if the luxx uses up tired cookies and biscuits.

Turning a fridge raid into a diner party delight?

Who’s complaining!


The topping is the key:

The Ice Cream -Cream

Combine whipped cream (soft peak) to ever so slightly softened vanilla ice cream with ½ teaspoon of vanilla essence.

Cut and fold the ice cream and vanilla into the cream.  Roughly equal quantities of ice cream to whipped cream, then place into a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle and return to the freezer for a few minutes if too soft.

The Base

Bash and generally beat up the biscuits by hand rather in the processor, (I used ginger biscuits that were becoming a tad soft) and added some nuts in praline that were made for another recipe.

Make a base from what you have and like. You can set the base with melted butter but I added the broken biscuits to the praline, and no complaints were heard.

The Caramel Gooey Layer

The leche layer can be home made or store-bought.  I was given a jar of good quality caramel to try by a chum and used the last of it in this recipe, but its easy enough to make if you prefer, I was short on time and this worked well.

The Fruit

Then add a layer of freshly sliced banana.

Pipe  the ice cream-cream from above, starting at the outer edge working inward in a circular motion. Awkward to do if you are at an angle, straight above is easiest and gives a better finish.


Serve to people that you love, when time short. Or if the wheels are falling off your day, eat the lot yourself!

We have Ladies and Gentlemen, for your kind consideration, some Seriously Scoffable  Individual Banoffees

Enjoy! x

27 thoughts on “Seriously Scoffable Banoffee

  1. Gosh!! I can’t get past the amazing photography!!! Bananoffee….whaaaa?! Incredible another one I must try. I like the way you write too. I just started blogging a couple of months now and I’m just getting into the swing of it…I think…lets see! Lol

  2. Oh my gosh! I just stumbled across this post by pressing ‘random page’ – my favourite dessert which I can never seem to get right but this play on a classic seems foolproof! I can’t wait to try it 🙂

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