A bunny thing happened….

I am predisposed to a deliciously childish mindset, I have a magic mirror which reflects a woman of considerable years which is ok coz we know it’s only magic at play, isn’t it?

Choccy cartoon bunnies ©www.ice-cream-magazine.comDSC_9443

In complete innocence we found ourselves having two Easters this year, the first in the UK and the other a month later whilst on holiday for a week in Crete  and yes the Cretians rock the chocolate too!

Melted chocolate cartoons, drawn to make the artiste and her guests smile.

Some chocolate decorations survive and adorn puddings and sweet treats, others…. well they go to a special tummy heaven.


Melt chocolate over hot water with it touching the water, or microwave in short blasts to melt the chocolate.

Carefully pour the melted chocolate into a small piping bag or food suitable polythene bag ( sandwich bags are ideal ) and snip the end off the bag to pipe names, dates and silly cartoons and jottings to amuse your guests and more likely yourself too.

White chocolate tulips looked great and ‘should’ follow…. but …..gulp….hh well maybe next time?

Ooops  x

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