Raspberry, Rose and Rosé Sorbet

Raspberry, Rose & Rosé sorbet

Sweet, sharp and wonderfully refreshing fragrant sorbet

1 cup (250ml) rose syrup, see below
1 scant teaspoon rosewater
1 cup (250ml) rosé wine ( I used the remainder of an abandoned bottle of Whispering Angel 2009 Côtes de Provence )
⅔ cup (125g) golden caster sugar
3 cups (340g) raspberries, frozen, fresh or canned

If using canned raspberries use the juice or syrup, just taste and adjust the sweet/sharp before refrigerating the final purée.

To make the rose petal syrup, add fresh, fragrant, deep red rose petals to simple stock syrup, combine and fill to the top of an airtight jar to steep and impart flavour and fragrance, drain and retain syrup after 24 hours. Note: This will only keep refrigerated for a couple days.

In a non stick saucepan, heat the rose syrup, wine, and sugar but don’t let it boil. Remove from the heat, stir in the raspberries and rosewater, taste and adjust to suit your palette and then leave to cool to room temperature.

Blend and then sieve to remove the seeds, quicker if you use the back of a ladle to push the mushy pulp through the sieve.
Chill the mixture thoroughly, then freeze in your ice cream maker.

To serve top with fresh and crystallised rose petals

Enjoy !

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