Nojito Mojito sorbet

Nojito Mojito sorbet
Fancy a long grown up drink but you’re driving, you’re pregnant, or should be on a detox or maybe all of the above.  Shown above is one of the first NOhitos encountered and it was made by the staff at the 5* Merchant Hotel in Belfast. It certainly ticked the box and inspired the following sorbet.
The flavours are just so refreshing. Comparable ingredients whizzed in a food processor make a simple and sensational sorbet and you can adjust the recipe according to your taste.
A handful of muddled or bruised fresh mint leaves
2 Limes – zest and juice – retain a little for decoration
Juice and grated flesh of a fresh tart green apple
1-2 tablespoons of golden caster sugar, agave or golden syrup
1 thumb sized piece grated fresh ginger juice – finely grate and then squeeze to extract the juice. We grated it directly onto a piece of muslin and firmly squeezed to obtain the raw fresh ginger juice.
2 cups of Ice
2 cups of soda water/ club soda
Through experimentation we eventually chose to add half the remaining apple and ginger pulp to the sorbet and plan to use it all in the next batch.
To make: whizz or blend all ingredients with the exception of the soda. Taste and adjust the sweet or sour notes to suit your palette. Then stir the soda into the mixture swiftly before placing in your prepared ice cream machine following the manufacturers instructions to make ice cream.
No machine? simply place the mix with half the soda into the mix into an appropriate dish and then into your freezer. After an hour or so stir the sorbet as it starts forming crystals and repeats he process as necessary to break up the ice crystals. Once it’s ‘crunchy’ and starting to solidify then stir in the remaining soda and continue the stir / freeze technique until the sorbet is set.
To serve:
Frost the rim of your serving glass by rubbing a piece of the lime skin around the rim of the glasses and then coat the edges with caster sugar, add a scoop of the sorbet and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint,  a shard of fresh green apple and the remainder or the zest.
Enjoy. x

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